What Happened To Lacey Holsworth, Friend of Adreian Payne?

Lacey Holsworth suffered from fetal nerve cells known as neuroblastoma. She died at home with her parents holding her in their arms.

Lacey used to wear a blond wig because chemotherapy caused her to lose her hair. Back pain while dancing in 2011 led to the discovery of a football-sized tumour that had engulfed her kidney.

After, another tumour wrapped around her spine. She lost feeling below her belly button and couldn’t walk on her own for several months, a long stretch that included the first of many visits from Payne.

Lacey Holsworth was an eight-year-old girl who served as a true inspiration to the Michigan State men’s basketball team. She passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Lacey become part of the Michigan State family two years after she started a friendly relationship with star forward, Adrian Payne.