What Happened To LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron?

LSU’s current head coach Ed Orgeron was fired by the club back in October after the management ‘outburts’.

It’s more of an agreement to part ways, reports Sporting News but it further adds that the coach would be happy to extend his role.

So, what actually happened is the bad turning of the relationship between the head coach and the whole management on the other side.

In case if the situation is related to the health aspect, no specific illness or injury to the coach is reported.

Thus, it doesn’t look like the case of retirement.

Why Did Ed Orgeron Leave LSU?

Ed Orgeron left LSU after coming to a mutual agreement to part ways but it looks like some dispute is involved.

Although it is not dismissal from a technical point of view, the Tigers’ members were clear about the decision.

Sporting News, while reporting the news back in October, mentioned that he had collisions with the other coaches as well as the management.

Similarly, the players were also not happy listening to Orgeron’s advice, and the environment of the dressing room and training sessions was not sound.

Ed didn’t meet the expectation placed on the team in terms of performance after spectacular previous seasons.

Ed Orgeron Divorce Update

Ed Orgeron divorced his wife of 23 years, Kelly, in early 2020.

It was on February 26, 2020, that both the coach and his spouse filed for separation and that was eventually accepted by the authorities.

Since then, they are living separately and Kelly hasn’t been heard of since then.

Ed tied the knot with Kelly back in 1996 and the couple has three boys together.

Ed Orgeron New Job Details

Although Ed Orgeron’s new job is not confirmed, there are speculations that he might be joining USC or Miami.

The Advocate reveals the three most probable possibilities that might happen after the coach sees his exit from LSU.

The major options include Houston, Texas Tech, and Syracuse.

Similarly, other potentials include Nebraska and Florida State University but these are not as concrete as the above-mentioned opportunities.