What Happened To Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad? Victim Of Greenacre Shooting Identified

Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad was shot dead in Sydney’s southwest on Wednesday night, prompting a manhunt. Around 9.30 p.m., police were called to Narelle Crescent in Greenacre after reports of a man being shot.

Just days after it was disclosed that a million-dollar bounty had been set on his head, a known underground crime figure was killed in a shower of gunshots.

The gunman fled the area in a burnt-out Porsche four-wheel-drive, which was discovered nearby shortly after, however it is unclear whether the two occurrences are connected. Ahmed had only recently been released from a five-year prison sentence.

Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad Death – Sydney’s Southwest Shooting

Mr. Big of Sydney’s crime world, Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad, was shot outside a Greenacre home on Narelle Crescent at 9.30 p.m. Wednesday. A legendary underground crime figure was slain in a hail of bullets.

He was assassinated just days after a million-dollar bounty was set on his head. Despite the fact that NSW Police were aware of a million-dollar contract to assassinate Ahmed, which had been placed by rival criminal figures, he resolutely opted to remain in Sydney.

The incident is being investigated by detectives from the homicide squad, as well as detectives from the Bankstown police area command and the southwest metropolitan region, as well as criminal groups and raptor squads.

Two automobiles found on fire in Greenacre and Belmore are also being investigated to see if they are linked to the event.

Investigation On Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad After Greenacre Shooting

An investigation has been launched after Mahmoud Brownie was shot and murdered in Sydney’s southwest. Emergency workers were called to a street in Greenacre about 9.30 p.m. after reports of a man being shot.

He died on the scene despite the fact that he was treated by NSW Ambulance personnel. He has not been identified officially, but he is believed to be in his late 30s.

A crime scene was set up by officers from the Bankstown Police Area Command, which will be probed by forensic officers. Detectives from the Homicide Squad are looking into the circumstances surrounding the occurrence.

They will be assisted by detectives from Bankstown Police Area Command and the Southwest Metropolitan Region, as well as the Criminal Groups and Raptor Squads. Two cars that caught fire in Greenacre and Belmore are also being investigated to see whether they are connected to this incident.

CCTV Footage Of Murder Case Against Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad

CCTV footage from a chaotic and deadly gunfight in Sydney that sparked a series of tit-for-tat shootings apparently identifies underworld figure Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad as the shooter.

On Monday night, a tracksuit-clad Ahmad stepped off an airplane at Sydney International Airport and into handcuffs after nearly a year in Lebanon. After receiving a tip about the bulky character’s long-awaited arrival, homicide detectives were on the lookout for him.

It’s a huge breakthrough for police, who are probing five shootings in Sydney’s southwest that may be tied to a feud between well-known families.