What Happened To NBA Star Brian Williams And Where Did Bison Dele Go?

NBA star Brian Williams, also known as Bison Dele, was slain and dumped into the ocean on July 7, 2002, by his brother Miles Dabord.

Bison was a power basketball athlete who played with the Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers, Orlando Magic, and Denver Nuggets.

At the same time, Miles had a promising start to his basketball career but was limited by an early diagnosis of asthma. According to reports, the two brothers don’t get along well and end up fighting.

After the last three satellite phone calls on July 8, 2002, Miles Dabord, Dele’s brother, was the only participant in the expedition to be seen or heard from.

What Happened To NBA Star Brian Williams?

On July 6, 2002, NBA star Brian Williams vanished, and it was later established that he had been murdered.

It’s thought that his older brother Dobord murdered him. Then, Miles eluded the law enforcement officer and thoroughly searched with the aid of agencies like the FBI.

Dabord killed his brother and threw him into the water. Serena, Bison’s girlfriend, was instantaneously killed when Miles unintentionally punched her during the scuffle.

After that, Miles battered Shaldon, the boat’s captain, against the wall until he died. Then, acting in self-defense, he killed his own brother Bison.

Then, the three corpses were subsequently thrown away. As a result, it is believed that Miles Dabord, Bison Dabord’s older brother, was responsible for the basketball legend’s murder.

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Where Did Bison Dele Go?

In 2002, Bison Dele was murdered at sea by his brother. The horrific incident made headlines around the world and shook the sports community.

As per reports, Dele was traveling over the Pacific Ocean on a ship with his brother, Miles, and his lover, skipper Bertrand Saldo. Apart from his brother, they disappeared after that.

People still ponder the basketball star’s premature death to this day. Most believe Dabord to be responsible for the incident that caused three of them to go missing, yet there is no definitive explanation for it.

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More Updates On Disappearance Documentary of NBA Star Brian Williams

Episode 2 of Dark Waters: Murder in the Deep (season 2) features the story of NBA star Brian Williams’ disappearance. The documentary was released on July 24, 2019.

Miles Dabord claims that after becoming enraged, Brian killed Sabord by beating him with a wrench.

Also, Karlan, Dele’s lover, was fatally injured by a blow to the head when she attempted to separate the two brothers.

Dabord also alleged that at that time, he shot his brother out of concern for his life. He then went ahead and loaded up all three bodies with bodybuilder weights and flung them overboard into a shark-infested area.

He overdosed on insulin and went into a coma in Mexico on September 15, two months after embarking on that tragic journey, with police closing in on him.

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