What Happened To Nina Hajian on B96? Husband Age – Where Is She Going?

What Happened To Nina Hajian on B96? Nina Hajian hasn’t talked about anything that happened to her on B96. Like before, she is not active on social media as well. Dig here and find out what has actually happened.

Nina Hajian is a popular American journalist. She is a media personality actively working on radio and television as a host. Hajian works with CBS Radio as a morning show co-host.

In the program, she has been engaged since 2011 and is communicating for more than 11 years. She began her career in 2003 as an on-air personality with CBS Radio. She hosted the primary fill-in, overnights, weekends, club evenings, remotes, and afternoon show “Stunt Young Lady”.

Currently, the popular columnist is not seen on the show at B96 and no explanations are given by her. The audience of the show is wondering where has she gone and what has happened to her.

Where Is She Going?

As of now, no details have been shared by Nina Hajian on where is she going and what has happened to her on B96.

Her fans and the audience of the show are interested to know what is going on with her and why is not seen on the morning show for the last three weeks. Until, she updates herself we are unable to know about her current situation.

Who Is Nina Hajian Husband?

Nina Hajian doesn’t seem to be married and we are unknown if she has a husband or boyfriend.

There is no information regarding her relationship as of now. And, being a media personality, she has kept her relationship status privately and is to share a picture with her partner.

Some of the rumors are going on as she is pregnant which is false. Because she is seen drinking at her birthday party and likewise she doesn’t appear to have any child bum on photos.

What Happened To Nina Hajian on B96?

Nina Hajian is a popular journalist cum radio and television personality. She works on B96 as a morning show co-host and her fans are very happy to see her. But, lately, for nearly three weeks she has not been on the show.

And, to miss out for nearly three weeks without any explanations has made her fans wonder what happened to her on B96. Before that, she was regularly seen as a co-host of the show.

B96 program director Todd Cavanah has told, they have given Nina an extended period of time off to spend time with her family and friends. So, it is not clearly known what has actually happened.

Might be something had gone wrong between her and the B96 media. She was a regular social media user and updates her Instagram and Twitter on regular basis. Noe, for more than a month, she hasn’t shared a single post on her Twitter which has been a sign of wonder for her fans.

Also, her last Instagram post was of her birthday post and that was four weeks ago from now. It seems she is up to something but hasn’t clearly shared it with the public and her fans.

Nina Hajian Age: How Old Is She?

Nina Hajian’s current age is not known.

However, she appears to be around 25-35 years old, as per her looks and her experience. She was born and raised in America and she currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

She holds American nationality.

Hajian is currently working at CBS Radio as a Morning Show Co-Host and as a Feature Reporter at KMAX-TV CW31.

And, there is no information about her physical appearance. We are unknown about her weight and how tall is she.