What Happened To Piper Rockelle, Where Is She Now? Her Latest Tiktok Videos

Fans of the TikTok star began to get concerned about Piper Rockelle’s presence and well-being after she stopped sharing videos on her social media platforms.

Piper Rockelle is a well-known young YouTube personality. She is the leader of a group of video makers known as ‘The Squad,’ with 9.16 million YouTube subscribers and 5.1 million Instagram followers.

Prank and challenge videos are the majority of Piper’s output. As a social media celebrity, Rockelle hasn’t had it easy, with family feuds threatening to wreck her career.

She, on the other hand, appears to grow stronger with each setback, and she has built a singing career to supplement her social media activities.

TikTok Videos: What Happened To Piper Rockelle?

People were concerned about Piper Rockell’s well-being when she stopped posting for months on TikTok, and they wanted to know what happened to her!

To the best of our knowledge, Piper has not disappeared; nevertheless, she has uploaded a YouTube video in which she explains why she has vanished and has ceased publishing TikTok and YouTube videos.

She seemed distraught at the death of her beloved grandfather in the following video, and she also informed her admirers that she was taking a break from social media to clear her head.

Furthermore, Her most recent TikTok video, as well as her Instagram feed, was posted on March 24.

Piper Rockelle Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating?

Piper announced her relationship with boyfriend Lev Cameron with an Instagram picture on July 18, 2020, with the message “5.13.20,” after months of conjecture. The pair celebrated their seven months together in mid-December 2020.

Lev is also a famous social media personality as well as a professional dancer whose Instagram account has 1.6 million followers. He began his acting career when he was five years old.

The duo likes to use Instagram to express their love. Lev Cameron, in particular, has been uploading images of his girlfriend on his Instagram account.

On Valentine’s Day, Piper uploaded a wonderful photo of herself and Lev with the remark “My valentine is better than yours,” making it official.

What Is Piper Rockelle Net Worth In 2022?

Piper Rockelle has a net worth of $2 million as an internet celebrity and actress. Her fame on YouTube is what made her famous.

Similarly, Rockelle has been in both the Brat series Mani and the reality show Piperazzi as an actress. She’s modeled and participated in beauty pageants in the past.

Sophie Fergi and Piper Rockelle have collaborated on a project. In 2018, Rockelle starred in the shows Chicken Girls, Jam Jr, and The Adventures with Blue and MJ.

In 2019, she also starred in the short films Dark Eyes and Sitting in the 1980s.

Where Is Piper Rockelle Now?

There are currently no precise facts regarding Piper Rockelle’s whereabouts on the internet.

Basically, the TikTok star may have taken a break from social media to dwell on her family after the tragic death of her grandfather.

She took a hiatus from YouTube, as she said, but she will be active on social media again sooner or later.