What Happened to Raymond van Barneveld? Here’s A Health Update For You

Raymond van Barneveld previously a diabetes patient collapsed during the Players Championships.

He was instantly withdrawn from the field for medical treatment. 

The five-time dart world champion was previously diagnosed with level 2 diabetes. However, there are not any reports of whether or not his recent illness has to do with Diabetes. He was taken off the arena immediately and rushed to the hospital. 

However, further reports suggested that he didn’t require any intensive care in the hospital. The dart player made his way back to his hotel room after few hours at the hospital. He has had a disappointing week in the championships though. It may have to do with his health condition as well. 

Raymond van Barneveld Diabetes and Health Update

It has occurred that Raymond van Barneveld’s illness was a result of his persisting heart disease and Diabetes. 

The dart champion was diagnosed with Diabetes back in 2009 and has had a hard time maintaining his health condition over the last decade or so. He also has elevated blood sugar. It is not the first time he has suffered during his championships tour. 

Who is Raymond van Barneveld? Get to know Dart player

Raymond van Barneveld is a Dutch darts player who is considered one of the best dart players of all time. He has won the world championships for the record five times throughout his career. 

In addition to that, Raymond has won UK Open Champion twice and also bagged the Las Vegas Desert Classic, Premier League, and Grand Slam of Darts. He was ranked the number one darts player in the world in 2008. 

Raymond Wife and Children: Everything about his family

Barneveld currently lives with his girlfriend, Julia. They have been together for quite a time and the couple shares three children with each other. 

A father of a son and two daughters, Raymond often talks about his family, who are often by his side due to his heart conditions.