What Happened To Rory McIlroy Today? Rips Shirt In Meltdown

Rory McIlroy ripped his shirt in disappointment after he was met with a poor performance finish to his tournament.

The 32-year-old McIlroy tore apart his golf shirt in DP World Tour Championship in an emotional meltdown. Following a final round in which he lost his one-shot lead, he took out his rage and frustration on his upper clothes.

Who Is Rory McIlroy Wife? 

Rory McIlroy’s wife is named Erica Stoll, whom he got married in 2017 as per the Sun.

Well, his wife is also the mother of their only child Poppy Kennedy McIlroy, their 2-year-old daughter.

Originally hailing from New York, Erica met her now-husband in PGA. Well, at that time, Rory was on his PGA tour and his wife Erica was working for the PGA as its employee. 

Initially, Rory was in a high-profile relationship with Caroline Wozniacki, a tennis player. Their relation even reached to engagement but, before taking further steps to marriage, they announced their separation in 2014.

Unlike him, Erica prefers staying out of the spotlight. More on her, she is into sailing and adores watching romantic dating shows like Bachelor.

Rory McIlroy Health Details

Like others, Rory McIlroy also has his lowest moments and was on the verge of mental health issues.

Likewise, he suffered bone edema in the vertebrae before, and his doctors had advised him that if it goes on continuing, it would lead to a stress fracture. Following that, Rory overcame this by hitting the gym and making himself fit and healthy.

Rory McIlroy Earnings: How Much Did He Win Today?

Rory McIlroy’earnings and details about how much he won today remain unpublished in the virtual platforms.

For now, we only found from ESPN that his earnings for the 2022 PGA Season are $1,755,000.

In fact, only the winner’s name with the amount prize has been noted on the web. With Collin Morikawa’s winning, he secured the first prize and bagged the prize money of £2.2million.