RIP: Vicente Fernandez Death Cause – How Did He Die?

People are wondering about the Vicente Fernandez death cause. 

However, it appears that it was just a rumor and he is not dead. He is still alive but he seems to be in critical condition right now. 

In August 2021, he was hospitalized in serious condition after falling at his home in Guadalajara.  He was placed on a ventilator under the intensive care unit and had injured his cervical spine.

Vicente Fernandez Wife

Vicente Fernandez is married to his wife Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor aka Doña Cuquita.

The couple got married in 1963. Although they were initially neighbors in Guadalajara growing up, they did not find themselves in a romantic relationship until after Don Chente had already gone to live in Mexico City to pursue his music career.

They share four children Alejandra Fernández , Gerardo Fernández , Alejandro Fernández  and Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernandez Son

Vicente Fernandez has three sons out of his four children. 

He is the father of three sons; Vicente Jr., Gerardo, and Alejandro. In addition to that,  Vicente Jr was born 3 months premature in 1963. 

After the rumor of his death, his son Vicente Fernandez Jr was the one who came out to share that contrary to what was rumored, his father is still alive.

Vicente Fernandez family

Vicente Fernandez’s family consists of his wife, children, and his grandchildren.

In addition to that, he has five grand children; Camila Fernández , Alejandro Fernández Jr. , América Fernández , Valentina Fernández , Emiliano Fernández.

Reportedly, the family of Vicente was recently seen meeting in the hospital. The family is currently in fear of losing Vicente Fernandez after it was announced that he is in a critical situation.