What Is Brennen Taylor Sexuality? Find Out If He Is Gay Or Straight

Fans of  Brennen Taylor are curious to know about his sexuality. Stick with this article to find out if he is gay or straight.

American-born YouTube star Brennen Taylor was never new to hearing the rumors of him being gay but reaching the extent of his patience; he posted a video on YouTube disclosing his sexuality.

He is famous for his comedy skits and challenges videos and has earned more than 2 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Despite his videos, he appeared with a minor role for the 2013 film Palo Alto.

He also runs a collaborative channel, Our Journey, with fellow YouTuber Baby Ariel, Loren Beech, Weston Koury, Mario Selman, Zach Clayton, and Nick Bean.

Is Brennen Taylor Gay? Sexuality

Fans and followers are always curious about Brennen Taylor’s sexuality. Certain rumors have been around his gender because he often jokes about dating one of his fellow Youtube friends, Colby Brock.

He made a video on Youtube with his friend Bradlee Wannemacher on the controversial subject of him being gay. The good news for all his girl fans is that he is not gay.

Because earlier, he dated Kyra Santoro, who also supports the denial of the rumor of being gay.

Brennen Taylor Ethnicity

Brennen Taylor belongs to the white ethnicity. This American youtube was born on April 3, 1995, and raised in California along with his brother Jake and sister Jess.

He gained popularity because of his humor and creative contention in his videos. This 26-year-old social media star has also appeared in an episode called Sneakerhead on television series Numbers which ran on CBS from 2005 to 2010.

After looking at his physical attributes, he stands at the height of 5 feet and 10 inches, and his weight is 65 kilograms. Along with this, he also has tattoos on his body.

Meet Brennen Taylor Girlfriend

Brennen Taylor dated Kyro Santoro in 2018, but they parted their ways shortly after two months. She is a model and modeled for Newmark and Osbrink Talent Agency.

He sometimes featured Kyra on his videos and confessed his love. Both the couple seemed to fall in love by kissing and holding hands.

But sadly, the relationship didn’t go for a long time. However, the reason behind their split up is still unknown. But later, he made a video letting the fans know about their breakup in April 2018 and always admired her.

After a relationship with Kyra, he dated a singer and social media superstar, Maggie Lindemann, in 2015 but split up in 2016.

Looking at his Instagram pages, he often posted photos with one unknown woman but did not reveal anything about her. So most probably, he is dating that woman but did not disclose her identity to the public.

Brennen Taylor Instagram

Brennen Taylor is active on Instagram, and he often his pictures and videos to update his fans. His Instagram I’d is under his username @brennen, with 1.2 million active followers.

After that, he stepped into YouTube, where he created a self-titled channel Brennen Taylor in which he has more than 3.66 million subscribers.