Rico Tonga Age: How Old Is The Singer?

Rico Tonga seems to be a little secretive regarding his personal information, like his age, as the singer has not disclosed any information related to his birthdate yet.

Nevertheless, looking at his Instagram pictures, the artist seems to be in his late twenties, but Rico himself does not yet verify this information.

Likewise, Rico has not given any information about his height, weight, and other details to the public.

Rico Tonga Wikipedia: Is He Listed There?

No, Rico is not listed on Wikipedia as of now. However, the artist will soon be listed on Wikipedia with his continued hard work and dedication.

The band Sydney Yungins has released ten songs, the first of which was “send em,” which has received over 1.3 million views on Spotify.

According to their profile in Spotify, they had 2.1 million views for “pull up” and 3.7 million views for “come through.”, according to their profile in Spotify.

 “Who with you” by Sydney Yungins has 5.6 million views, while “Innerwest Part” and “Run that Ball” has 4.6 million views each.

Their song “ride or die” has 65k views, and “dead wrong has 569k views which are comparatively fewer views than their other videos.

They received 2.3 million views for “rowdy” and 11 million views for “Eshays,” their all-time best.

Rico Tonga Net Worth: Income Explored

The primary source of income for Rico known to us is through singing. His band makes good music, so we can say Rico has also earned handsomely.

Unfortunately, he has not disclosed his exact net worth to the public yet, but his net worth is estimated to be around $ 500,000 as of 2022, but the artist does not confirm the details.

Meet Rico Tonga On Instagram

Rico seems to be very active on Instagram as he has around 17.3k followers there. He goes by the handle @ricotonga there and currently has ten posts.

He mostly posts pictures of his upcoming songs, experiences, and other news related to him there as a way of connecting with his fans.

His band, Sydney Yungins, goes by the handle @sydneyyungins and has 29.3k followers there with 46 posts.

Sydney Yungins also has a youtube channel where they go by the username @Sydney Yungins and has almost 5k subscribers there.

According to their youtube stats, they created their youtube channel on 31 august 2021 and have 690,134 views.