Nnapples TikTok Real Name

Natalie Rose is Nnapples’ real name. She has been active on Tiktok since 2020 and has gained over 2 .5 million followers.

Nnapples’s Tiktok account, which she goes by the name @nnapples. She has 884 followings on her account.

After she released a video of herself in a hospital, where one of the viewers confused her for a nurse and blasted her, claiming that she should be caring for her patients instead.

You may see her pretending to be a firefighter, fisherman, swing dancer, motocross racer, and many other things in her TikTok videos.

Nnapples Age. How Old Is She?

Natalie Rose is 26 years old right now. Every year on August 26th, she celebrates her birthday.

She is seen with her friends and family, enjoying her birthday. She also grew up in the United States with her parents and siblings.

The TikTok celeb, on the other hand, is an American citizen of white ethnicity. Virgo is Nnapples’s zodiac sign.

Nnapples is a bright young lady with a good education. She has not revealed her academic degree, and her high school and university names remain unknown for the time being.

In terms of her physical features, she appears to be of average height. 

Who Is Nnapples Boyfriend?

Currently, Natalie does not have a boyfriend.

Furthermore, she has not disclosed anything about her relationship status or love life on the internet yet.

Nnapples could be single, or she’s keeping her love life hidden for the time being.

As soon as she reveals her boyfriend details will be updated in this article.

What Is Nnapples Net Worth?

Nnapples’s successful social media profile has provided her with a large sum of money.

Her official net worth, however, is currently unknown. Her yearly income is likewise reported to be in the thousands of dollars.

She is expected to live a happy and luxurious lifestyle with her earned money, with no symptoms of financial hardship affecting her or her family.

Meet Nnapples On Instagram

Yes, Nnapples uses the username @nnapples_ on Instagram.

So far, she has 85.5K followers and 178 posts. She has followed 633 people on her Instagram account.

Even though she has not revealed her true profession to her audience, she has developed into a social influencer with a large following.

Nonetheless, TikTok remains her most popular platform, with each of her videos receiving millions of views.