What Was Psychologist Dr Shannon Curry Reviews On Amber Heard Diagnosis?

Dr. Shannon Curry revelead that Amber Hear has two behavioral conditions on her as indicated by the evaluation done on her. She assumed a significant part in the preliminary going between Johny Depp and Amber Heard in regards to a maligning claim.

She was profoundly adulated for her work and job in the preliminary and various tweets commending her were seen on Twitter.

Clinician Dr. Shannon Curry Reviews On Amber Heard’s Diagnosis Dr Shannon Curry shared her audits on Amber Heard’s analysis during the preliminary on April 26 on Tuesday. Her conclusion depended on the assessment she did with Amber two separate times.

Golden and Dr. Shannon endured 12 hours during the assessment done on December 10 and 17 of every 2021. Dr. Shannon after the test revelead that she tracked down that Mrs. Heard was experiencing Borderline Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder.

She further explained on the circumstance of Amber by interfacing with her behavioral condition as because of her problems she externalizes fault and can be affected, judgemental, and has outrage.

Likewise, she additionally conveyed that in marginal patients there is a separation anxiety in this way, they will more often than not keep their friends and family close which can take to a drastic course of action level as well.

Golden Heard Diagnosed With Histrionic Personality Disorder Dr Shannon Curry revelead that one of the problems that Amber Heard is experiencing is Histrionic Personality Disorder. As per the Cleveland Clinic, the problem is a psychological wellness condition in which the individual has unsteady feelings and has mutilated mental self view.

Individuals with the problem want to be seen and are seen acting emphatically or improperly to certainly stand out. They consider themselves to be a casualty or as a princess.

Who Is Dr Shannon Curry From Newport Beach? Dr Shannon Curry is a Clinical and Forensic therapist from New post-Beach. She is the head of the Curry Psychological Group.

Curry Psychological Group gives treatment to grown-ups, couples, children, and adolescents and furthermore offers types of assistance like Forensic Psychology and Neuropsychological testing.

She has been giving treatment to individuals the assistance of an authorized specialist and an extraordinary group. She is dynamic via web-based entertainment stages like Twitter yet her record is private. You can track down her on Twitter as @DrShannonCurry1.