What was Rufus Kampa doing before The Crown?

Rufus Kampa is a promising actor who has broke into fame as a result of an announcement who revealed his appearance as the younger version of Prince William in an upcoming film.

Rufus Kampa was born a lovely family in the United Kingdom in the year 2007, hence, he is 16 years of age as of now.

Rufus Kampa’s professional career in the media commenced on London’s prestigious West End in 2019 with “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole 13 & 3/4s: The Musical,” marking the inception of a promising career.

Beyond his theatrical accomplishments, Rufus Kampa has expanded his repertoire, featuring in notable productions such as “First Dates.”

As an alumnus of the esteemed British Theatre Academy, Rufus Kampa’s trajectory in the entertainment industry is gaining momentum.

Rufus Kampa’s portrayal of Prince William  in the 6th season of the film titled “The Crown” is set to pave way for him as he looks to act many films.