Where Is Audrey Bolte Now? Ryan Poston Girlfriend Update – Age And Husband

Audrey Bolte is a Batavia, Ohio-based magnificence expo victor who was delegated Miss Ogio 2012 and proceeded to contend in the Miss USA 2012 show, being a second next in line.

Prior to becoming Miss Batavia in 2012, and later Miss Ohio USA in 2012, Bolte has never truly taken an interest in a stunner challenge.

This is what you want to be aware of the glamorous lady.

Where Could Audrey Bolte Now be? According to her Instagram, Audrey Bolte is by all accounts carrying on with a bold cowpoke existence with her better half some place in Colorado. There are huge loads of pictures shared on her online media page.

In the midst of this, Bolte went to St. Andrews Presbyterian College in North Carolina in the wake of moving on from Batavia High School in 2007.

Later she procured a four year certification in business organization with a specialty in equestrian science in 2011.

Additionally, Bolte was an individual from the school’s equestrian crew while at St. Andrews.

Was Audrey Bolte Ryan Poston Girlfriend? It’s very uncertain in the event that Audrey Bolte was Ryan Poston’s sweetheart or not.

In any case, Poston had wanted to meet Audrey, previous Ohio, at a United Dairy Farmers and afterward go to a bar the night he was killed.

Ryan Poston’s better half Shayna Hubers realized he has booked to see Bolte that evening. According to the reports, Hubers added Bolte to her Facebook list two days after Poston did.

Hubers purportedly killed Poston when he endeavored to cut off their 18 months friendship, according to arraignment.

Besides, they even refered to Poston’s dad’s proof, his companions’ declaration, and Hubers’ own assertion to police that she shot and killed Poston.

How Old Is Audrey Bolte? Age Explored According to her Wikipedia, Audrey Bolte is presently 32 years old, as she was born on the fifth of April, 1989. She was born as Audrey Claire Bolte to her folks Bill Bolte and Shelly Bolte.

Moreover, she hails from Batavia, Ohio, USA, and stands at a stature of 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Who Is Audrey Bolte’s Husband in 2022? The previous Miss Ohio, Audrey Bolte, is hitched to her better half, whose name and other individual subtleties are yet to be uncovered. In any case, there are various pictures posted by her on her Instagram page.

According to her post, her significant other is by all accounts a cowpoke, has his own ranch, and fundamentally hails from Denver, Colorado.

Aside from this, nothing overall with regards to her own life could be acquired at the exact second. We are uncertain whether or not the team shares kids together.