Where Is Dane Cook’s Brother Darryl Mccauley Now?

Darryl Mccauley is the brother of American actor and stand-up comedian Dane Cook who has six comedy albums to his credit.

Dane appeared on three straight-to-DVD specials: Rough Around The Edges (which is featured on the album of the same name), an HBO special named Vicious Circle from late 2006, and Isolated Incident from Comedy Central in 2009.

He is renowned for his use of observant, frequently crude, and occasionally dark humor. He was one of the first comedians to use MySpace and a personal website to develop a large following, and in 2006, his popularity was dubbed “alarmingly popular”.

Where Is Dane Cook’s Brother Now?

Darryl Mccauley, Dane Cook’s brother, is currently residing in Arlington, Massachusetts. Maccauley was born in a catholic household.

He studied at Arlington High School. When Darryl was accused of fraud, he was 43 years old. During the height of his success, his brother trusted him with managing his finances.

Darryl and his wife were found to have taken millions of dollars from Dane in 2008.

Then, in 2010, the Boston Globe reported that Mccauley had admitted to stealing millions of dollars from his well-known half-bro while serving as his business manager.

For this crime, he received a five to a six-year jail sentence in a Massachusetts state prison.  According to a statement made by the Attorney General after the trial.

He immediately transferred funds from his brother’s bank accounts to his own or simply wrote himself large cheques.

During that time, Darryl placed millions of cash into his accounts. The court then ordered him to pay Dane $12 million back.

What Happened To Dane Cook’s Face?

Many people have been focused on Dane Cook’s face changes frequently these days.

Although Cook is aging, some of his admirers were surprised to notice that his face has not yet wrinkled or displayed other overt signs of aging.

Some people recognized that the comedian might have had Botox injections to smooth out his face and make it look spectacular because he now looks younger and more youthful than before.

His admirers even noticed the comedian’s looks had undergone a significant transformation. Several fans have even stated that plastic surgery may have contributed to the change and his remarkable alteration.

The performer previously denied getting a facelift or having his appearance changed by plastic surgery, so he hasn’t undergone either treatment. As stated on Distractify, the actor addressed claims that he had cosmetic surgery in 2018.

What Is Dane Cook’s Net Worth?

According to, Dane Cook’s net worth is estimated to be $35 million.

His wealthy professional career as an American stand-up comedian and actor allowed him to gain his income. Furthermore, the majority of his cash came from Dane’s flourishing profession.

The actor is wholly focused on his profession at the moment because he is a career-driven person.

Since 1997, he has acted in several movies, such as My Best Friend’s Girl, Mr. Brooks, Dan in Real Life, Employee of the Month, Waiting…, Mystery Men, and Dan in Real Life.