Where Is Joe Exotic Right Now? Death Or Still Alive

Joe Exotic is currently in a medical facility in North Carolina. He was transferred from prison after his diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer.

According to his attorney John M. Phillips, He was moved to the Butner Federal Medical Center via plane from another medical facility for prisoners in Fort Worth, Texas.

Exotic is expected to be sent to Oklahoma at the end of the month, where he will be preparing for his resentencing. He wrote on an Instagram post that he is still waiting for results from other tests. 

What Happened To Joe Exotic First Husband?

Joe Exotic is openly gay. He has not been legally married but has referred to many men as his husband. His first male partner was Brian Rhyne.

The pair met in the 1980s when Exotic was working as security at The Round-Up gay bar. He claims that they got married in the same club.

Brian was a “slender, sassy 19-year-old,” according to an Intelligencer interview. He and Exotic lived together in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and operated the G.W. Zoo. Brian died of HIV in 2001.

What Did Joe Exotic Go To Prison For?

Joe Exoctic was arrested three months after leaving G.W. Zoo for hiring two hitmen to murder his rival Carole Baskin, the founder of the animal sanctuary Big Cat Rescue.

After his arrest, Exotic was found guilty of 17 federal offenses of animal abuse. He was found guilty of breaking eight Lacey Acts and nine Endangered Species Acts. In Fort Worth, Texas, he was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison. Currently, he is waiting to overturn his conviction after appealing for a lighter sentence.