Where Is Lance Herndon Wife Dionne Baugh Now?

In 2011, Dionne Baugh was freed from prison. Baugh stayed in Georgia after her release, but she eventually went to Florida and Kansas for a brief time.

According to The Cinemaholic, Dionne keeps a low profile since she does not want the media to focus on her. In addition, Dionne was born in 1969 and is now around 51 years old.

Baugh does not have a Wikipedia page. However, her biography may be found in a few news stories. Unfortunately, there are no details regarding Baugh’s net worth available.

Lance Herndon Family: Daughter And Wife

Lance Herndon was married to his wife, Dionne Baugh. However, the details regarding their marriage are kept a secret.

Dionne Baugh was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the United States with her family. Moreover, Shaun Nelson was Dionne’s first husband.

But, Dionne couldn’t have been happier when she married Shaun Nelson, an Air Jamaica pilot. After all, the marriage brought the option for her to relocate, which she eagerly accepted.

Dionne and Shaun welcomed Amanda, their first and only child, into the world in 1992. Unfortunately, their relationship began to fall apart shortly after that.

Dionne was dissatisfied with her suburban life. In addition, Shaun’s business required him to travel for lengthy periods, so she began seeking comfort in other men, finally leading to Lance Herndon.

Lance Herndon Murder: Everything On Atlanta Murder Dionne Baugh

Dionne Baugh assassinated lance Herndon, the CEO and creator of Access Inc.

Herndon was a young, wealthy bachelor who was one of Atlanta’s most eligible bachelors. In 1996, Lance and Baugh had an affair, and the horrible crime was motivated by jealousy.

Baugh was apprehended after her DNA was discovered at the crime scene. Baugh pleaded guilty to lowering the counts of manslaughter and served time in a state penitentiary prison.

Dionne was sentenced to ten years in prison, with an additional ten years on probation. However, because Nelson had gone out of town the night of Lance Herndon’s murder, he was never charged or arrested.