Where Is Lynn Matthews Now? Billy T James Wife and Family Whereabouts After 3 Decades Of Death

Billy T James, the legendary entertainer from New Zealand, died on the 7th of August, 1991, suffering from heart failure. The late actor was a prominent figure in the comedy industry in the country.

 He ran his self-titled popular show “The Billy T James Show” in the 80s and was named the New Zealand Entertainer of the Year. After these, he acted in several movies like Came a Hot Friday, The Leading Edge, Footrot Flats: The Dog’s Tale, and Billy T James: Alive and Gigging Film.

After three decades after his death, the fans of the 80s are still very interested to know more about his wife and family members. Here are things we have gathered about them.

Billy T James Wife: Where Is Lynn Matthews Now?

Lynn Mattews, the wife of Billy T James, is currently settled in New Zealand.

It is not known when the couple had tied the knot, she had become his widow of Billy in the year 1991 after Billy died suffering from heart failure.

Mattews most recent appearance in the media was in the year 2011, during the release of the Audi New Zealand Season drama, Billy. In a release event, Mattews talked about the details of the project. She never sought the limelight and was a bit uncomfortable detailing her husband’s life. However, she stated that “Billy” was a wonderful tribute to the iconic entertainer.

Back then she said: “Since Billy died, some people who feel like they own Billy are making money from him. Also, there are so many stories floating around about Billy, things that never happened but are being perpetuated.”

“So, it’s comforting to know that he is still loved as much as he is and people still talk about him with such affection and fondness,”

The widow of James also said her husband was very accurate in his life and decisions. She said: “I wish some of the things (in the drama) were made up, but that was what life was like for us. A lot of people thought they knew what was best for Billy but they didn’t. Billy knew what he wanted; he just didn’t know how to tell people.”

More about Lynn Mattews could be known for Billy’s book titled “Billy Life and Times of Billy T James”.

Meet The Family Of Billy T James After 3 Decades Of His Death

Before his death, Billy T James was survived by his daughter, Cherie James, who has followed in his footsteps as an entertainer.

According to IMDB, Cherie James has acted in movies like Mataku (2002), Outrageous Fortune (2005), and The Market (2005). After the death of her father, she also presented the 1997 documentary, “A Daughter’s Story”, providing a tribute to her iconic father.

In the documentary, Cherie James provides her perspective on the well-publicized arguments that occurred after her father’s death. Along, with her mother, Cherie appeared in the premiere of Billy. Since then we have not heard much about her.

Billy T James also has a sister named Ngaire. The actor was of Waikato Tainui and Clan Campbell descent, making him half Maori and half Scottish. His birth parents were Sally and Jimmy Smith who were workers at the Karapiro Dam.