Who Are Couples That Are Still Together From My Mum Your Dad?

My Mum Your Dad couple Heath Michelle, and Neil Michelle are still together after the show.

My Mum Your Dad, which debuted earlier this month, is unlike any dating program of the reality TV variety that Australia has ever seen.
In a nutshell, a group of parents congregates at a posh resort while their grown children observe from a distant bunker.

These “kids” keep an eye on their parents’ every move and compete in games to win the right to decide who and what their parents will do on dates.

Since the show has been airing for a few weeks, some significant relationships are beginning to develop, and rumors about who will remain together at the end are prevalent. Here are the directions the couples have taken thus far.

Heath and Michelle

After spending the retreat acting as everyone else’s partner, Heath is now fully focusing on his own romantic life, and he has Michelle in mind.

Heath has no competition because everyone else is well-matched, but then Richard Gere impersonator and former AFL player Neil strolls in. The single mothers leave the retreat and spend ten minutes getting to know Neil.

And the dads are acting quite “territorial” when the ladies are out. Michelle and Neil appear to have grown close in the short time they’ve known one another because they enter the Parents’ Retreat holding hands.

Heath’s expression is telling enough as it is, but if that weren’t enough, psychic medium Petula “can feel Heath’s pain.”

Heath, though, is not going down without a fight. Heath pulls Michelle aside for some one-on-one time even though Neil and Michelle are becoming closer, and the two have an emotional conversation about both of them having been cheated on in the past.

The two become more familiar with one another during the talk, and Heath feels confident enough to lay all of his cards on the table.

Petula And Darren

Petula joined the show with her son Drhys, and the two have been developing a close relationship. She is concerned that Michelle, a recent intruder who might prove to be Darren’s diversion, will make the romance fade out.

In the episode, Petula remarks, “This might put our relationship in danger.” Darren has acknowledged that it has been challenging to maintain attention on the one relationship with Petula.

They are siding diversions, which makes it difficult to develop relationships, he argues. He decides, nevertheless, that he wants to focus exclusively on Petula because he also wants to remember what Tess, his daughter, has said to him about finding love.

He tells Petula, “I came into The Retreat to change the way I looked at relationships. “Dad, maybe gives love more of a chance,” Tess said.

Shane And Kristy

After they shared the first kiss of the season, viewers are extremely interested in Shane and Kristy’s developing romance. However, the couple’s beautiful kiss was delayed by a few bumps in the road.

In a recent episode, Kristy began to ignore Shane because she couldn’t tell what he and his daughter Kayla had discussed.

She says in a piece-to-camera, “All Shane says to Kayla is that I’ve got blonde hair and that gets up my goat a bit because I’m a lot more than just a lady with blonde hair.”

When Shane approaches Kristy to suggest changes, she remains silent. After a sound sleep, Kristy makes the decision to apologize, and Shane graciously accepts it.

“Kristy seems to be making a lot of effort to make it work. It’s great; I adore it “He claims. After a wonderful picnic in the garden, it doesn’t take long for the couple to lock lips, and everyone is beaming.

Roe And Carole

When Carole entered the Parents’ Retreat as a newcomer, the draw was immediately apparent for these two. Prior to Carole telling the cameras, “Roe with that American accent, I felt like I was on a movie set with Dwayne “The Rock” The Rock, he’s simply great,” Roe states, “Carole came in sexy.”

Even though Carole has had her eye on Heath, it appears that she and Roe are concentrating on their relationship as Heath makes contact with Michelle.