Who Are Darcy Grey Parents?

Darcy Grey was born to British parents, whose names are yet to be publicized.

The actor was born in London, although had spent most of his childhood in Spain, making him fluent in Spanish as well.

Grey explained that his mother liked to travel a lot which is why he lived abroad for so long. He spent almost 13 years in Spain.

However, his family parents had returned to London when he was in teens and was successfully able to pursue his acting career.

From his recent Instagram post, we discovered that he also has a brother named, Ibizia.

In Emmerdale, Grey’s character Marcus’ parents are Rhona and Pierce Harris. 

Darcy Grey Plays Pierce Harris Son Marcus In Emmerdale 

Darcy Grey arrived in Emmerdale in the recent episode that aired on Thursday, February 3, 2022.

He is the son of Rhona and her ex-husband and rapist, Pierce Harris.

Earlier this week Rhona had received a message from Harris, who is now in the prison. He told that he is dying and wanted to meet his son.

Meanwhile, Marcus has not been around for years now.

However, Ryan managed to track down his details and he gives them to Rhona. In the recent episode, the mother leaves a voice mail to her son.

Marcus does reply to her mother, however, it was Vanessa who receives the message instead of Rhona.

Now, Marcus will be arriving in the village looking for his mother in the upcoming episode.    

Darcy Grey’s Age And Wikipedia Is On-Demand

Darcy Grey’s age is 30 years old in 2022. He was born on June 5, in the year 1991. His sun sign is Gemini and no wonder he likes fashion.

Grey lacks a Wikipedia bio, however, IMDB has provided details on his career. As stated, he is a trained artist from the Drama Centre London.

Whilst in theatres, he appeared in Hamlet,Antigone, Till the Day I Die, Katzlemacher, and The Betrayal.

He soon appeared in TV series such as;  Cedar Sequoia International and Pennyworth.

Emmerdale’s New Comer Darcy Grey Is A Devoted Husband

Darcy Grey is married to his wife, Christine Lisowski. The couple had tied the knot on January 6, 2014.

In addition, Grey goes by the handle @darcygrey on Instagram. His followers are gradually growing, at present, it has reached 1.5 thousand.