Devin Nunes Children: Who Are They?

Julia Nunes, Margaret Nunes, and Evelyn Nunes are the children of the American politician Devin Nunes.

Evelyn Nunes is the first daughter of the politician. Devin is careful about sharing details about his children and family. However, he has shared some group photographs of his family on the internet.

Margaret Nunes is the second child, followed by Julia Nunes, the youngest in the family. 

Devin Nunes Children Age

The children of Devin Nunes, Evelyn, and Margaret, are 15 and 13 years of age, respectively. Julia, the youngest, is ten years old.

Evelyn, their first daughter, was born on December 5, 2007, followed by Margaret in 2009 and Julia in 2012. Devin is blessed with three beautiful daughters.

Devin is a busy guy, but he squeezes time from his tight schedule to bond with his daughters and family.

Their Parents Career Explored

The parents of Evelyn, Julia, and Margaret are Devin Nunes and Elizabeth Nunes.

Elizabeth is a former English professor and elementary school teacher. She also runs a home breeding business for lapdogs. She was born in 1973 and raised in California by her Portuguese American parents.

Devin and Elizabeth dated for a long time until Mgsr. Richard Urizalqui married them in 2003 at Saint Aloysius Church. They began dating after Devin was elected to Congress, and they married during her first term.

Devin Nunes Children Bio

Devin Nunes, the politician, has not shared the bio of his children in the media as they are very young.

However, they are likely to be in the public eye when they get older. The children attend their school regularly and are not hesitant to support their father in his political journey.

They regularly follow their parents, who are also devout Catholics, to attend Mass in Tulare.

Devin Nunes Children Net Worth

The children of Devin Nunes are very young to be working or earning in life, which is the reason for their non-existent net worth.

However, the net worth of their father, Devin Nunes, is estimated to be around $170,000. Evelyn, Julia, and Margaret do not have to worry about their finances at this age and deploy their focus on their studies.