Who Are Jamarra ugle-Hagan Parents? Details On The Family Of The Athlete

A highly skilled and athletic key forward, Jamarra UgleHagan has mentioned his parent’s names as Alice Ugle and Aaron Hagan.

Jamarra is making the AFL debut for the Bulldogs. This club secured this 18-year old player by matching a bid from Adelaide in last year’s national draft.

He became the Bulldogs club’s first number one pick since Adam Cooney in the year 2003.

Ugle-Hagan is the second Indigenous player to top the draft, following Des Headland in 1998.

He has an innate goal sense by having slotted 24 goals from nine NAB League games.

Many experts have likened the former Oakleigh Charger to Sydney Swans star Lance Franklin.

Quick Facts:

Name Jamarra Ugle Hagan
Gender Male
Height 195cm
Profession Athlete
Parents Alice Ugle and Aaron Hagan
Net Worth Under Review
Instagram @jamarrauh

Jamarra Ugle Hagan Parents

Jamarra Ugle Hagan is born to parents named Alice Ugle and Aaron Hagan.

He hasn’t unveiled much information about his parents to the media.

We only know his parent’s names to date.

What Is Jamarra Ugle Hagan’s Nationality?

Jamarra Ugle Hagan holds the nationality of Framlingham.

He is also known as an Aboriginal boy.

Hagan is very strong in his culture, very strong in his identity, and is very proud of himself.

Who Is Jamarra Ugle Hagan Girlfriend?

Jamarra Ugle Hagan’s girlfriend’s name is Mia Fevola.

The couple tried to keep their relationship hidden from the media.

But after Mia got the social trolls from the social media Jamarra declared their relationship.

Jamarra Ugle Hagan’s Age

Ugle-Hagan’s age remains a mystery.

There is no source of information related to his birthdate.

What Is Jamarra Ugle Hagan’s Height?

Jamarra Ugle Hagan’s height is 195 cm.

His height information has been taken from Google.

Jamarra Ugle Hagan’s Net Worth

Jamarra Ugle Hagan’s fixed net worth hasn’t been on the paper yet.

Hagan has disclosed his income details hidden from the media.

From his lifestyle, we can consider that he has a sound income.

Jamarra Ugle Hagan’s Wikipedia

Jamarra Ugle Hagan doesn’t own his Wikipedia page.