What is Jasmina Outar And Michael Morency Age?

Jasmina Outar is about 29 years of age, and her boo, Michael Morency, is about 28 years of age.

Jasmina was born in 1992, and Michael was born in 1991 in the United States, but their actual birth date remains a mystery.

They are the cast of the 14th season of the TV reality show Married at First Sight 2020. The new season of the show will premiere on 5 January 2022. In addition, this season will be based in Boston.

They are the MAFS pair that came to the show looking for a companion. On Married at First Sight, Outar might have a good bond with Michael, and they might get married in the future. 

Michael wants a wife and family with unconditional love and support, and we hope Outar might wish to the same.

Jasmina Outar And Michael Morency Job: Explore Their Bio

Jasmina Outar is a youth education teacher who wanted the vocation to aid the younger individuals of her common public.

Experiencing her childhood in a distorted relationship in her household, she started attempting to assist little children after her research.

Michael Morency is an ensured wellness coach who offers custom-made getting-ready plans and schedules for people.

Together the duo will have a net worth of $100 thousand to 1 million dollars.

The love experts have paired them based on their similarities. So, now we have to wait to know how they will go with each other.

The show has received a lot of positive responses from its viewers, and the couples who are paired are looking forward to starting their new journey together.

As for their education, they both are well educated with decent earning from their jobs.

Meet The MAFS Jasmina Outar And Michael Morency On Instagram

Jasmina Outar is not available on Instagram at the moment. She does have any accounts on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

She is living a private life out of her social media.

On the other hand, Michael Morency is available on Instagram under the username @mmorencyfitness; however, he has kept his account private for now.

Hence we can not explore his daily events for now.