Who Are Muralidhar And Karuna Theegala? Meet Sahith Theegala Parents

Muralidhar And Karuna Theegala are the parents of a famous American professional golfer, Sahith. Their constant support and encouragement have been an essential ingredient for Sahith’s success. Let’s explore the young golfer’s parents.

Muralidhar and Karuna Theegala are Indian immigrants, so it can be said that Sahith is a first-generation American. As of now, it can be said Sahith’s career is going uphill and does not seem to plummet any time soon.

He has managed to win many both international and national tournaments with impressive stat. In 2020, he managed to win the prestigious Haskins Award, the Ben Hogan Award, and the Jack Nicklaus Award, only five people including him have won all these awards in the same year.

Who Are Muralidhar And Karuna Theegala? Meet Sahith Theegala Parents

It is unlikely anyone who is a gulf fan has never heard the name of Sahith; however, many might be oblivious to the fact that his parents are Muralidhar and Karuna. The couple raised their son to be champion and he became one.

His parents have always encouraged him to pursue the field he is most interested in. He was born on December 4, 1997. From the young age of three and a half, he started to play golf.

He was raised in California and attended Diamond Bar High School in his home state. He graduated from high school in 2015. He took an unconventional path to his career and proved stereotypes against Indian Americans wrong.

After graduation from high school, he chooses to join Pepperdine University. He choose Pepperdine because of its better golfing facility compared to other universities in the United States. He won many tournaments from his university.

Sahith Theegala Parents Nationality & Ethnicity

Talking about Sahith’s parent’s nationality and ethnicity, they are Indian American. His parents migrated from India to the United States and settled in California, where he was raised. They provide Sahith with better opportunities to flourish.

Compared to other immigrants, Indian are more successful and rich in the United States. This is proven true further by Sahith’s success. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for him.

His recent performance heralds that he is here to stay for a long time in the golf world. Although his college golf career was disturbed by the pandemic, the team managed to rank first in the nation

After graduating from college in 2020, he debut in a professional career with the Outlaw Tour’s Lone Tree Classic in June of 2020. He managed to be third in his debut tournament.