Who Are Praveen and Tamilselvi From Olive Branch MS & What Happened To Them? Here Is An Update

Praveen and Tamilsevi, an Indian couple who had recently relocated to Olive Branch, Mississippi, have died. But what happened?

At a single glance, a blissful family was shattered and annihilated in a heartbeat.

Praveen and Tamilselvi, who had built a modest family in America together, have died, leaving behind their two-year-old son.

This is particularly heartbreaking because the young toddler lost both of his parents at a time when he most needed them.

So, who are Praveen and Tamilsevi? Let us find it out.

Who Are Praveen And Tamilselvi From Olive Branch MS?

Praveen and Tamilselvi, an Indian software engineer couple, perished in America. They originated in India and just relocated to Olive Branch.

They are attempting to facilitate the adoption of a baby on behalf of the American Living Tamil Association.

According to reports, Senthil Vasan, the General Secretary of the NJ Tamil Assembly, has coordinated the entire route to India for their remains through the Tamil Society.

Similarly, the duo was well-known for their helpful and kind demeanor. Praveen and Tamilsevi, both from Tamil Nadu, were living in the United States at the time of the tragedy.

Following their deaths, Prabhakaran Rajendran set up a GoFundMe campaign, which has so far raised $68,443 USD of the $100,000 goal.

What Happened To Them? Death Cause Revealed

Praveen and Tamilsevi, an Indian pair, died tragically. However, the causes behind their death have yet to be revealed.

Despite the fact that the couple was not well-known, their passing has crushed the hearts of many people. They have a two-year-old son named Vishruth Milan.

A flood of accolades has been carried over the web media with help posts and concerns related to the child and his adoption procedure.

People have expressed their alarm for the kid’s well-being and conveyed their annoyance with the news that emerged on the internet.

Likewise, many people have shared the post in order to disseminate information about their abduction and demise.

Indian Software Engineer Praveen And Tamilselvi Family Details

The couple that died, Parveen and Tamilsevi, had no family in the United States, and both of their parents are said to be in India.

Tragically, their parents are unable to travel to the United States, which has left them distraught in India.

Furthermore, let us come forward in this tragic situation to assist their family in surviving this irreversible catastrophe and to assist their living and their son’s school expenditures by donating to their GoFundMe campaign.