Who Are The Parents Of Natálie Taschlerová? Meet The Ice Dancer On Instagram


Natálie Taschlerová is an ice dancer from the Czech Republic who won the Nebelhorn Trophy in 2020 and is the Czech gold medalist in 2022.Natálie Taschlerová is a professional ice dancer who has won numerous major competitions alongside her brother, Filip Taschler. She has won the Czech national junior title three times.

She is the 2019 JGP USA bronze medallist and has participated in the final part of three World Junior Competitions, with their best finish of fourteenth in 2019.

Taschlerova started practicing part-time in the United States in the off-season with Collin Brubaker and Oleg Epstein, as well as veteran trainer Matteo Zanni in Milan.

Who Are The Parents Of Natálie Taschlerová?

Natálie Taschlerová was born to her father Angelo Tasca. However, she has not revealed the identity and other details regarding her other parent in the public domain so far.

The Czech international was raised by her mom and dad in Brno, Czech Republic alongside her sibling brother Filip and they spent the majority of their childhood there.

Her mom and a friend were the ones who were enjoying ice skating. Natalie was encouraged to learn to ski as a result, and she began ice skating at an early age, initially in singles.

Her mom took her on her first ski adventure when she was two years old, and the Czech athlete has improved over time and now competes in singles.

Taschlerová mentioned in one of her interviews that her mom and dad are her greatest sources of motivation in both her personal and professional lives and they are frequently seen cheering for their daughter at sporting events.

Learn About Natálie Taschlerová Boyfriend: Meet Her On Instagram

Natálie Taschlerová has not shared any details regarding her boyfriend so far. She is available on Instagram under the user handle @nat_taschlerova.

In fact, the 20-years-old ice skier has not given any hints regarding her partner or romantic relationship in her social media accounts.

As a result, we may deduce that Natalie is currently single and solely focused on her professional career rather than dating someone.

Furthermore, she is a reclusive individual who tries to keep her personal information secret. As a result, most details about her personal life, including her love life, are kept under wraps.

We will update you with more precise details in this regard if any new information comes up in the near future.

Insight Into Natálie Taschlerová Wikipedia Biography

Natálie Taschlerová has already been mentioned by the mainstream Wikipedia page with a brief biography.

Taschlerová started studying to skate in 2004, and after her brother, Filip’s union with Karolna Karlková ended, she started studying ice dance with him.

In the 2017–18 campaign, she earned her international junior debut, competing in two ISU Junior Grand Prix events, finishing twelfth in Poland and thirteenth in Austria.

The excellent skier was chosen to make her international senior debut following the Junior Grand Prix, capturing silver at the Open d’Andorra.

She competed in the rhythm dance component of the Olympic team competition for the Czech Republic at the 2022 Winter Olympics.