Who Are Uriel Del Toro Parents? Everything To Know About “La Casa de los Famosos” Star

Born to his parents in Mexico City, Mexico, actor Uriel Del Toro is eliminated from La Casa de Los Famosos, the Spanish version of the American Tv show Big Brother. 

Uriel Del Toro is a Mexican actor and social phenomenon who is recognized for his amazing work and also, his amazing looks.

With hundreds of thousands of fans and followers across different public platforms, Uriel has become a fan’s favorite.

Also, his recent appearance in the Tv show La Casa de Los Famosos, which as mentioned in the Spanish version of Big Brother, has made him an even more popular personality.

Well, he is no longer in the show since he recently got eliminated because of the lack of adequate votes, but he is still a renowned personality.

Indeed, people are a lot curious about the matters about his personal life like his parents, wife, net worth, social appearance, and related matters.

Uriel Del Toro Parents: Who Are His Mother And Father?

Uriel Del Toro was born to and probably raised by his parents, his father, and mother, in Mexico City, Mexico, on August 10, 1978.

Well, Uriel is a renowned personality but he has yet not revealed anything about who his parents are.

The only fact people know is that he was born to them, and nothing specific about them has ever been mentioned anywhere.

Well, they are surely Mexicans and they did support their son to pursue his career as an actor and let him become what he is now.

Now 43 years old, Uriel’s parents are aged people, so it might be difficult for them to appear on the web and media.

Actually, there is not even any confirmation on if they’re alive or not, so we cannot make any claims or statements yet.

Uriel Del Toro Wife: Is The Actor Married?

No, Uriel Del Toro is not married yet, so he does not have a wife.

Well, until this day, there are no details about any possible partner or love interest of the actor Uriel Del Toro.

It looks like he wants to keep his personal life private and he is surely successful until now.

He might be in a relationship with somebody and keeping it a secret, but he is surely not married yet.

Uriel Del Toro Net Worth Explored

  • Uriel Del Toro has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million.

As a renowned actor with roles in many amazing Tv works like False Identity, Road To Fame, and many more, he has surely gathered a net worth of nearly one and a half million dollars.

Meet Actor Uriel Del Toro On Instagram

Yes, Uriel Del Toro is a very popular personality on different social media including Instagram.

He is on the picture-sharing platform under the username @urieldeltoro and he is also verified on the platform.

Moreover, he has about 294k followers here and nearly 200 posts which mostly include his personal images.