Who fought masika on the conversation? What happened to Masika and Hazel-E?

Kalysha, whose birth name was Masika Kalysha Tucker, was born on June 7, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois. Her formative years were spent in Jonesboro, Georgia, and her cultural history may be traced back to her French Creole ancestors.

Kalysha graduated from Mount Zion High School in Jonesboro in 2003, completing her high school career and marking an important milestone in her scholastic journey.

Her life, however, took a devastating turn when one of her close friends, Lashawna Threatt, died. This occurrence had a tremendous effect on Kalysha, forcing her to make a life-changing decision.

Kalysha took a key decision on August 11, 2011, by transferring to the bustling city of Los Angeles, California, motivated by her passion for acting and modeling. She planned to establish a successful career in the entertainment sector here, showcasing her talent and achieving her professional goals.

Kalysha began an amazing adventure in 2014 when she took part in the filming of the action-packed film “The Prey.” This picture, which starred Kevin Grevioux, Danny Trejo, and Nick Chinlund, grabbed fans when it was released in theaters in May 2020.

This was a key milestone in Kalysha’s career, giving her a platform to showcase her acting abilities and broaden her reach as an artist.

Who fought Masika in the conversation?

What happened to Masika and Hazel-E? When Masika was expecting, their feud started once again. Fast forward to the present, and Hazel is STILL yelling at the actress for saying she didn’t know if Fetty Wap was the father of her child. Fighting words seemed to begin during “The Conversation” immediately away.