Who Is Abdulqahar Balkhi? Everything To Know About

After the leader of the Taliban Group, Abdulqahar Balkhi revealed his identity people have been wondering about his educational background and biography. Read everything we have acquired of him. 

Abdulqahar has spoken for the first time in an interview since the Taliban took over Kabul. Furthermore, his role hasn’t got disclosed in the new government. He currently remains without any official title as well.

He says there will be an inclusive system and are in constant talk with the American government as well. In addition, he also says that they have a working relationship with Americans regarding their security management.

Name Abdulqahar Balkhi
Gender Male
Profession Taliban leader

Who Is Abdulqahar Balkhi? Know His Education

Adbulqahar Balkhi, the leader of the Taliban group’s educational background seems to be unavailable at the moment.

Nonetheless, he has got a proper educational degree and is aware of the political system. Moreover, he is very fluent in English as well.

The meaning of Taliban is a moment of religious students from eastern and southern Afghanistan.

Abdulqahar Balkhi Wikipedia

Abdulqahar Balkhi’s Wikipedia profile seems to be currently missing on the Internet.

But there is an in-depth report about their group called Taliban on Wikipedia. The site has also enlisted their whole history from the day of their formation.

Abdulqahar has spoken to Al Jazeera from the Taliban’s Cultural Commission in the group’s first official Interview since they overtook Kabul. Moreover, this is also the first time he revealed his face in public.

As for now, he has no titles, and his position in the new government hasn’t got disclosed yet.

He revealed that the Taliban group is seeking to move forward and wishes that the domestic and International stakeholders cooperate with common interests.

In addition, he said that the outside checkpoints of Afghanistan are in their control but the inside is in control of the United State forces. But they are always in constant contact with one another.

He also said that they already announced a general amnesty for people in the security forces. Abdulqahar also states it is unfortunate that people are rushing to the airport the way it has been shown.

Abdulqahar Balkhi Background

There isn’t much detail available on Abdulqahar Balkhi’s background.

The Taliban group which is currently one of the feared forces in the world was founded by Mohammaed Omar in 1994 alongside Abdul Ghai Baradar.

Abdulqahar Age

The age of leader Abdulqahar is currently unknown as of 2021.