Who Is Adrienne Bolling ‘Eric Bolling’s Wife’ and What Do We Know About Her Family?

When a person of interest hits the headlines, everything that has to do with him/her also becomes of interest to the public; this is the case of Adrienne Bolling, the wife of the American television personality, conservative political commentator, author, and financial commentator; Eric Bolling. Eric worked with Fox Channel until he was laid off as a result of sexual allegations.

While the allegations lasted, Adrienne Bolling’s life has not been the same as she strived to juggle standing by her husband and losing her only child. You could imagine the pain she went through, anyway, here is everything you should know about the survivor.

Who is Adrienne Bolling? 

Adrienne Bolling is Eric’s Bolling’s better half who gained prominence after their union. On his part, Eric is well known as a conservative commodity trader turned political commentator and television personality. He had most of his career days working for Fox Channel on Fox News having worked for five years at the New York Mercantile Exchange.

However, not much is known about Adrienne’s life before her marriage to Eric, her family, her educational background or even what their life was like before she was thrust into the harsh light of her husband’s alleged actions. But we know she was born as Adrienne J. Leventhal, has an American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

Her Interesting Family Details

Adrienne Bolling met Eric through a mutual friend named Gretchen Carlson. They instantly hit it off and started up a relationship. They dated for a short period of time but skipped the phase of engagement and finally tied the knot in 1997.

The following year, the couple welcomed their son Eric Chase Bolling. All seemed to be going well until 2012 when Eric Jr. incurred an injury on his spleen while he was snowboarding in Albany. Hi conditioned looked hopeless at first, but after several weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Of Albany Medical center, he survived.

Adrienne’s family life returned to normal again until hell broke loose in 2017 when Eric Snr. was involved in a sexual harassment allegation which cost him his job with Fox News. In the same month, unfortunately, Eric Jnr who didn’t live to be more than 19 years was found dead in his room on September 9, 2017. The cause of his death has not been revealed, but some sources have stated that the coroner’s autopsy report concluded on the cause of his death to be an overdose of an opioid drug.

In some other spheres, some fingers pointed to Eric Bolling Snr. as the cause of his son’s death insinuating that Eric Jnr. couldn’t survive the humiliations of having a father who was a pervert.

Eric Bolling Snr. was accused of sending inappropriate pictures to about three of his coworkers and was also accused of using inapt words on his female colleagues. The allegations became very interesting when Caroline Heldman who worked as a guest on Fox News also confirmed that Eric Bolling had also cut her an eye. Upon these accusations, he was suspended from Fox News but by September 8, 2017, HuffPost reported that he had finally parted ways with the organization.

A lot of marriages who have passed through the same ordeal with Bollings’ had crashed especially when it involves the loss of a child, however, Adrienne Bolling and Eric Bolling have braced themselves and focused on making their union happier than ever. The couple are devout Christians and they worship at St. Patricks Cathedrals.

Other Interesting Facts

There is no information regarding Adrienne Bolling’s career, no one knows what she does at the moment and neither can conclusions be drawn on if she is a housewife or if she is business inclined. But we know she has been her husband’s support system.

The Bollings understand the oneness of what a family entails as Eric Bolling once lost a contract worth over $2 million because he had to take time off to read a storybook titled The Spider and Fly to his son’s class.

The death of her son has made Adrienne stronger and she currently resides in New York City alongside her husband who is worth over $25 million.

Prior to their son’s death, the family pays regular visits to Miami and the popular theme parks in Orlando, Chicago.

Adrienne Bolling is not active on any social media platform including Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

She is a beautiful lady who has long dark brown hair and has one of the most beautiful pair of black eyes.