Who Is Agung Mango?

Agung Mango has been busy honing his craft and experimenting with production flourishes that enhance his raw natural talent in a genre that’s stacked with hard-working and talented individuals.

That tenacity and creativity are no surprise when you consider his name – Agung is his Balinese family name, and Mango comes from the phrase “man on the go.”

While Mango left basketball, he learned a valuable lesson that would be equally applicable to his newfound passion:

While it’s impossible to predict which direction each new Agung Mango track will take, there are some distinguishing characteristics that Unearthed’s Tommy Faith perfectly-identified in his 4.5-star review of Mango’s second upload ‘TOUGH SKIN’:

What Is Agung Mango Age?

According to abc.net, Agung will be 23 years old in 2022.

The 22-year-old rapper draws influences from experimental Hip Hop, alternative RnB, Punk, Jazz, Spoken Word, and his Balinese and Italian cultural backgrounds, reflected in his refreshingly versatile and genre-blending sounds.

Agung Mango is also known for his high energy, explosive live shows naturally command a mesmerizing presence on stage and have recently performed at festivals such as Golden Plains, Spilt Milk, and Laneway Festival.

Meet Agung Mango Parents: Siblings

Mango has some Instagram posts, and it looks like Mango has a brother who is around eight years old.

His family details are not revealed on the internet, and he also has no related posts on his social media accounts about his family.

It seems like Agung has just startup, and he is gaining popularity, so we may get a chance to know about his family on the internet someday.

Agung Mango has made a name for himself in the local music scene.

About Agung Mango Nationality

By some reports and his Instagram posts, we can say that Agung holds the nationality of Indonesia.

There are a few related topics that verify his race.

Agung said his surname belongs to Indonesia, and we can see some posts of Bali, Indonesia, on his Instagram.

Agung Mango Net Worth

Agung is a growing star who has just started to gain popularity.

We can expect Agung’s net worth to be around 1 to 3 million dollars.

Mango’s primary source of income comes from his Musical artist, and besides that, he runs a youtube channel and is a social media star. 

Agung Mango Instagram Explored

Agung is active on Instagram and can be found with the username @agungmango.

He has a total of 17 posts with 5100 followers and 1296 followings.

Most of his posts are related to arts and adventures.