Who Is Alberta Jazmyn Desjarlais? Missing Teen NoWhere To Be Found

Alberta Jazmyn Desjarlais is a 13 years old teen girl who has been missing since June 24, 2022, and after 3 days, on June 27, the news of her being found was updated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The number of missing person instances has increased recently. And obtaining information about a missing person daily is quite a challenging part for the families.

However, due to the continuous effort of Canadian police and other supporting hands, the girl was found, and the parents are happy to see their daughter.

Let’s find out about the story of the missing girl Jazmyn Desjarlais.

Who Is Alberta Jazmyn Desjarlais?

Alberta Jazmyn Desjarlais is a 13-year- old girl who was missing on June 24, and the police had already reported the incident. She was last seen in Red Deer on June 24 and then she vanished.

She is described by the authorities as being 119 pounds overweight and 5 feet 2 inches tall. Her blonde hair contrasts with the blue color of her eyes.

The missing teen was last seen wearing pink and white sneakers, a black sweatshirt, and either sweatpants or jeans.

Police were looking into the situation continuously and reviewing the area’s CCTV footage from when she was last spotted, and finally, she is safe.

Missing Teen Jazmyn Desjarlais Nowhere To Be Found

Police also tried to determine if Alberta Jazmyn Desjarlais left on her own, if someone forced her to go, or if she wasn’t abducted.

The police also looked into all sides of the story and, seeing how serious the situation was, took all necessary action.

After the girl had gone missing, she was closely followed on June 24, 2022, in Red Deer. All the required inquiries and investigations were done by the police and finally were successful in their mission.

Parents & Family of Jazmyn Desjarlais

We cannot imagine what was going on with the family of young girl Alberta Jazmyn Desjarlais. But now, the family might be quite relieved about hearing the news of their daughter from the police.

Till now, we have no information about the family and parents of the girl, where they belong, and what their situation was previously.

The suffering of a family whose members disappear is something we are unable to imagine. To regularly cross the shadow of fear, we can’t understand how it will probably turn out; either she’ll probably succeed, or something went wrong.

These queries keep coming up across family-related concepts. When the phone rings, you might not know what information to expect, but the thought of getting it frequently crosses your mind.

When the phone rings, you might not know what information to expect, but the thought of getting it frequently crosses your mind.

Where Is Alberta Jazmyn Desjarlais?

Recently, the news of Alberta Jazmyn Desjarlais being found is disclosed by RCMP. She might be with her parents at the police department to fulfill all the formalities.

However, the whole story behind all this is still not disclosed and may later be updated about the case.

Canadian police were searching for the missing girl Alberta Jazmyn Desjarlais however, they got no clue about her. And the authorities even made a plea to anyone who may have seen her over the previous two days.

The Red Deer RCMP’s direct phone number is 403-343-5575, and police asked people who had spoken to Jazmyn Desjarlais or knows anything about her whereabouts to call them immediately.

People who don’t want to provide their names can call Crime Stoppers right away at 1-800-222-8477, while those who need to give information online were requested to contact at or by using the P3 TIPS device.