Who Is Alexis Avila? New Mexico Woman Arrested For Throwing Baby In Trash, Is She In Jail?

Alexis Avila is a woman who recently got charged with the attempted murder of the newborn.

Alexis got arrested after admitting the guilt. With her arrest news, people expressed their rage over the internet.

Internet users have started to condemn Avila for her wrongdoing. Also, the Hobbs Police Department is giving its all in the case.

People have criticized Alexis as she faces internet hate for dumping the baby in a dumpster. Here are some updates about the Hobbs Woman case.

Who Is Alexis Avila?

18-year-old Alexis is a mother of a newborn baby. She threw away her baby in a dumpster after giving birth.

The case took place on a Friday night when Hobbs police got a call to aid an infant. At around 8 PM, the newborn got located in the 1400 block of N. Thorp.

Luckily the child is in stable condition and currently is in a Lubbock hospital. While the infant received the treatment, the police department looked after the case.

After watching a surveillance video, the investigator finds out about her. Alexis is a mother of this child that she tried to throw away and has admitted her mistake.

New Mexico Woman Alexis Avila Arrested For Throwing Baby In Trash

With Alexis admitting her throwing a baby in the dumpster, the Hobbs police department has made an arrest on the 18-year-old. The captured recording clearly shows a woman throwing the baby on the garbage pail.

Avila confessed that it was her newborn that she threw away and left in the trashcan. She has now got charged with child abuse and attempted murder.

People over the web have pitied the poor baby for facing such a tragic event while only being an infant. They have also criticized the woman for having an evil heart to leave the newborn.

The Friday case of an infant got solved with 18-years-old confessing the crime. Further updates about the case are yet to get available.

Is Alexis Avila In Jail?

Alexis got taken into custody for the committed crime. However, the court has yet to announce her punishment for the case.

Leo County District Court has ordered Avila to visit the court on Monday. Further then, she would face her sentence according to her crime.

She is currently facing two charges of attempted murder and child abuse. There is a possibility that Alexis will face prison and fines for her committed crime.