Who Is Ashley Hollingsworth? LA Mom Who Tried To Kill Her Baby Suspected To Be Sick- What Happened?

Ashley Hollingsworth is the Las Vegas mother arrested over the charges of attempted murder of her newborn baby. Here’s what you need to learn about the appalling case!

Ashley Hollingsworth is the woman whose criminal case has shocked the police and the public.

She hit the headlines after trying to kill her newborn baby, whom she gave birth to, in a toilet. The heartwrenching incident is followed by a dreadful situation where she goes berserk and tries to kill herself.

Moreover, what shocked the police was her statement and the reason behind her horrific actions.

Who Is Ashley Hollingsworth From Las Vegas?

Ashley Hollingsworth is a mother from Las Vegas arrested for the attempted murder of her baby. She had given birth to her baby in her home toilet and had tried to kill her baby there.

Her boyfriend tried to stop the unrest by taking both mother and baby to the hospital; however, Ashley had tried numerous suffocation methods for the baby.

The 23-year-old woman is also reported to be a mother of two more children from her previous relationship. Her two kids stay in California with their father, while Ashley lives with her boyfriend in Las Vegas.

At the time, the two were staying at the boyfriend’s relatives’ house to be closer to the hospital.

Ashley’s horrendous actions have made her notorious in Las Vegas and a wanted person in LAPD custody.

Ashley Hollingsworth Illness And Black Eye Injury Explained

Ashley Hollingsworth was taken into custody with a black eye injury and several other bodily injuries that she inflicted upon herself.

Law and Crime updates that after her boyfriend took them to the hospital, Ashley ran away, and it took two hours to find her. During her disappearance, she had tried to kill herself.

Her boyfriend also added that Ashley had begged him to punch her many times. Ashley’s statement reveals that she believed her newborn baby was evil and should be killed instantly.

Further reports claim that Ashley was diagnosed with an illness at 19 that required regular medication. However, she stopped taking them during her pregnancy.

Update On Ashley Hollingsworth

Ashley Hollingsworth’s case updates that she remains held without bond on attempted murder and first-degree child abuse or neglect charges.

An arraignment for her case has been set for 8:30 a.m. Las Vegas time on Monday, April 4. Meanwhile, her baby has survived but has received bodily injuries.

The medical staff is relieved as severe issues like brain injury have not been diagnosed yet despite the smothering she faced.