Who Is Attorney Ira Shapiro? Here Is What We Know About “The Betrayal” Author

Former Ambassador Ira Shapiro is yet to get featured on the Wikipedia page. 

Ira Shapiro is a renowned author, best known for his book The Betrayal. He is a respectable public figure who played a vital role in the 1990s in the inside US trade relations.

Being present in politics and government for a long time, he made himself a name in the field. Most people are familiar with him either through his book or as an international trade lawyer.

Besides his long career, his followers have been fond of his book, which has recently taken over the market.

Who Is Ira Shapiro? Wikipedia Bio

Ira Shapiro is a prominent author and an international trade lawyer. He is not available on the Wikipedia page; however, his professional life is on his LinkedIn account.

As per his LinkedIn, he currently works as the president of Ira Shapiro Global Strategies LLC in Washington, DC. He has been in the position for over eight years now.

He previously worked as an officer of the US Trade Representative for around four years, as a general counsel for two years, and as chief negotiator for Japan & Canada, for two years.

Ira completed his education at Brandeis University and then pursued his master’s at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He then got his JD at the University of Pennslyvania Law School.

Who Is Ira Shapiro’s Wife? Meet His Family And Children

Ira Shapiro has kept his personal life private from the media and public. However, he is married to his wife and shares children with her.

What’s more, in the Twitter profile, Shapiro has described himself as a grandfather. Even though his family has led a low-profile life, they seem to be living happily together.

Also, he appears to be a loving husband, father, and beloved grandfather to his grandkid.

Net Worth Of The Betrayal Author Ira Shapiro And A Law Firm Owner

Ira Shapiro, an author of The Betrayal, net worth in 2022; is still under review. With his long career in the government and politics, he must have earned a fortune from his professional career.

Also, he is an owner of a law firm presently and has written the best-selling books of all time. His life story has been an inspiration and motivation for many of his admirers.

He lives a comfortable life with his family in current days with a decent lifestyle.