Who Is Candace Herman? Larry Storch Daughter & Family After The Passing Of The Actor

Candace Herman is the daughter of comedian and actor Larry Storch. He was a year away from celebrating his 100th birthday, but he passed away last night at 99.

Larry Storch passed away at the age of 99. He was married to Norma Catherine Greve in 1961. Although they tied the knot in the 1960s, they already had a brief encounter in 1947.

They also had a daughter named Candace due to their brief romance, but they gave her up for adoption and moved on with their life. Norma gave birth in June 1954. Thus, the comedian was the father to two stepchildren and had one biological child Candace.

Who Is Candace Herman?

Candace Herman is the daughter of Larry Storch and Norma Storch. Norma had a brief relationship with Larry Storch in 1947. And, as a result, in 1948, they had a daughter named Candace.

However, they gave her up for adoption at that time. During that time, her mother had recently divorced her first husband, Jack May, with whom she had a son named Larry.

Although it was never revealed why the pair gave Candace up for adoption at that time, they later reunited. Before Norma had married Larry, she was in a relationship with Jimmy Cross, with whom she had a daughter named June Cross.

However, she fled him after he started drinking and using violence against her. In 1965, she married Larry. They were wedded until 2003, when Norma passed away because of cancer.

It is rumored that Candace was reunited with her parents after they got married.

Details To Follow About Larry Storch Daughter Candace Herman Age & Family

Larry Storch’s daughter, Candace Herman, is at the age of 75 and has a family of her own. However, details about them are not revealed on the internet.

While it is a well-known fact that she is the daughter of comedian and actor Larry Storch, there is not much information about her. She was also put up for adoption after she was born.

She was born as a result of a brief romance between her parents, who later ended up marrying each other. She reunited with her parents later, but since then, there has been no update about her whereabouts.

The only known fact was that her mother, Norma had six grandchildren when she died. And, it is believed some children are from Candace.

Is Candace Herman Married?

Candace Herman is believed to be married. However, it is not known if her surname is taken from her adopted parents or if it is from her husband.

But, it is possible that she had been married and has a family of her own.