Who Is Cara Mentzel? 5 Things To Know About Idina Menzel’s Sister

Idina Menzel and her sister Cara Mentzel are co-authors of the book Loud Mouse.

The American actress Idina Menzel, known for her powerful voice, has released a kids’ book with her sister, Cara Mentzel. They wrote it to inspire the kids about their inner light. Her screen presence has always been powerful in personality and performance, but the actress grew up with her insecurities.

So, to help the young generation find their inner light and embrace them, Idina decided to write a children’s book. As a new person in writing, the actress took the help of a professional author, her sister, Cara Mentzel. Cara has already released one book, Voice Lessons, and has been a kids’ teacher for a long time. So, she decided to consult her sister and work together to write about children’s behavior.

Hence, Idina and Cara co-wrote the children’s book Loud Mouse as an inspiring story to children about embracing themselves and moving forward. It releases on September 27, and we are only a few hours from the official release at the time of writing.

Amid the exciting occasion, here we look at some facts about Cara Mentzel, who had a big part in helping Idina and finishing the book.

Quick Facts

Real Name Cara Mentzel
Age 47
Net Worth Less Than $1 Million
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Parents Helene Mentzel, Stuart Mentzel
Sister Idina Menzel
Instagram @authorcaramentzel
Twitter @CaraMentzel
Facebook @authorcaramentzel

Cara Mentzel Is Four Years Younger Than Her Sister Idian Menzel

Cara Mentzel is an author whose age is 47 years old. She was born on August 13, 1975, in Manhattan, New York.

The age gap between Idina Mentzel and her sister, Cara, is four years since Idina is 51 years old. Idina was born on May 30, 1971. Idina recently wished Cara on her birthday through Instagram.

Mentzel’s early age and childhood details are a mystery. She grew up in the shadow of her elder sister, who rose to fame at a young age due to her bright rise on broadway.

Cara’s First Book Is About Her Growing Up Under The Shadow Of Her Sister

Cara Mentzel’s first book, Voice Lessons, is about her childhood under the shadow of her superstar elder sister.

As Idina was an acting sensation at a young age and started broadway during her teenage years, Cara, who is four years younger, mostly lived her young life under the shadow of Idina. According to Google Books, Voice Lessons is the story of her growing up beneath the shade of her larger-than-life elder sister.

However, despite her struggle to find similarities between them as sisters, Mentzel eventually realized her own life and pursued her career with happiness. So, in her first book, you will see the life of a young Mentzel who grew up trying to realize and understand her own life.

Cara Mentzel Was A Primary School Teacher

Cara Mentzel was a primary school teacher for fifteen years before she started focusing on writing.

She taught everything to kids from second to fifth grade before she started teaching literacy, as she said in her Instagram introduction video. During her time as a school teacher, Cara spent most of her daily hours with children and understood their behavior and thinking processes.

Hence, Idina, who was looking to write a kids’ book, consulted Mentzel to take her guidance in writing and understanding children to co-write Loud Mouse.

Cara Loves Hiking

Cara Mentzel loves hiking and often spends her free time climbing hills or walking to other destinations.

She is a nature-loving person who usually spends her quality time in a fresh environment. But she doesn’t like it easy and loves exploring every bit of nature, which you can do if you hike to the final destination.

Hence, Cara often hikes with her husband and sometimes alone.

She Has A Loving Family

Cara Mentzel is a family woman who lives with her loving husband, children, and dogs.

Mentzel has been married to her spouse, Mark Phillips, for a few decades, and the couple has three children together; all of them are boys. Besides the loving family of five people, Cara also has dogs to keep her accompanied and entertained in the house.

She loves spending time with her family and likes cooking, watching the Bachelorette, and nature.

Some FAQs

What Is Cara Mentzel’s Age?

Cara Mentzel’s age is 47 years old and she celebrates her birthday on August 13.

Who Is Cara Mentzel?

Cara Mentzel is an American author and literacy teacher who is better recognized broadly as Idina Menzel’s sister.

Who Is Cara Mentzel’s Husband?

Cara Mentzel’s husband is Mark Phillips, with whom she shares three sons.