Who Is Catherine Heard? Nick Riewoldt Wife or Partner – Net Worth

Catherine Heard is the wife of an Australian Football player Nick Riewoldt. Here are few things to know about them.

Nick Riewoldt former Australian Player had a glorious career. Being selected in the first draft of 2000 AFL, he went on to captain St. Kilda Club in 2005.

During NIck’s latest interview with the AF 360, he looked back at the longest premiership drought of St Kilda. The athlete admitted he fell short in both the 2009 and 2010 games. He also admits that the loss broke his spirit.

Who is Catherine Heard? How did Nick Riewoldt Meet Wife Catherine Heard?

Catherine Heard is the wife of Nick Riewoldt. They have been together for more than nine years now.

Nick and Catherine started dating in 2012. There hasn’t been much known about how they started dating. Though their story isn’t known, the couple is happily matrimonial bliss.

The couple shares their love with three of their children. Nick Riewoldt shares pictures of him and his sons on his Instagram page Riewoldt. In one of his posts with all of his three children, he captions “the boys of Summer”. The athlete father seems to share a loving bond with all of his children.

The Australian player has used his football platform to help raise awareness and funds for his sister Maddie’s Vision, as revealed in tea worldwide. As a great sportsman in the field, he truly is a team player outside of the field. He takes care of the people around him.

Nick Riewoldt Net Worth 2021

Nick Riewoldt’s net worth is not known as of yet. As a former star player who made a name for himself in television media, he must have amassed a sizable fortune.

Starting his career in 2000 as a player and transitioning successfully as a regular fixture. the former player provides excellent coverage and in-depth analysis of all football areas on TV and the Herald Sun.

Nick Riewoldt Family – How many Children do Nick and Catherine have?

Nick Riewoldt and Catherine Heard have three children of their own. They have three sons named: James, William, and Edward. The children seem to be all below the age of 10 years.

There hasn’t been much information revealed about the children and what they are currently doing.

In 2015 Nick lost his sister Maddie to rare bone cancer at the young age of 26. After the tragic passing of his sister, he along with his family started the charity Maddie’s Vision.