Who Is Chicago Gang Member Maurice Lowry? 

Maurice Lowry is supposedly a member of the Chicago Gang. Much information about him is not available because he committed the strange crime of hijacking the city bus; he was a common Chicago man.

Maurice might be a local of Chicago. According to charges, Maurice got into the bus around 11 pm last Wednesday and told the driver to take him to his designated location, but the driver told him the bus was off to a different route.

After that, Maurice pulled a gun, pointed it at the driver, and threatened to take him to the destination he wanted. A woman in her 60s was the driver. Maurice told two passengers on the bus to get off. The driver complied and took him to the stop, he said.

Maurice Lowry Age

Maurice Lowry is 29 years old. He was born around 1992. After Maurice did the carjacking, he was caught based on calls by different people. The passengers Maurice told to get off the bus also called the police.

Maurice was caught after 20 minutes he got off the bus in the gas station. The gun found with Lowry was a 45-caliber gun with a laser attached to it. Maurice was detained, and luckily, no one was harmed in the entire highjacking.

The carjacking is not new to Chicago. A couple of weeks ago, too, an incident like this happened where a highjacker stabbed the knife to the driver. Thus, the CTA drivers ask for better safety measures from the concerned authority.

Maurice Lowry Wikipedia

Following the arrest of Maurice Lowry for the city bus hijacking, he has been charged with one felony of illicit use of a weapon, and the prosecutors inkling to several charges.

Maurice is the father of one son, who is eight years old. Maurice has a moving company. His private defense attorney said that he might have been under the influence of drugs.

The judge agreed with the defense attorney and told him that Maurice might have been intoxicated because he treated the CTA bus like an uber. The judge set bail at $40,000, so Maurice had to pay $4000 to get out of jail.