Who Is Cleveland Meredith? Meet The Atlanta Man From US Capitol Riot

Among the 83 arrested rioters in the U.S. Capitol, Cleveland Meredith is one of them, who has been arrested on the charge of threatening the speaker Nancy Pelosi. Who is Cleveland Meredith? He is a native of Atlanta.

Cleveland reportedly is the car wash company owner, who rose to highlight his action in the riot. Delve in to know more about his bio, career background, and arrest details!

Quick Facts: Who Is Cleveland Meredith? Meet The Atlanta Man From US Capitol Riot

Name Cleveland Meredith
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Businessman
Instagram @cleve_meredith_jr

10 Facts On Cleveland Meredith

  1. Is Cleveland Meredith Atlanta Arrested? Cleveland Meredith indeed was one of the rioters to get arrested during the riots at the U.S. Capitol.
  2. In the protest, Meredith, with 82 other people, was arrested. And more than 40 police officers were injured, excluding the death of
  3. FBI confirmed that he’d been arrested on the charge of ‘making interstate threats to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.’ He was accused of sending text messages where he allegedly threatened House Speaker Pelosi to cause physical harm.
  4. No further action has been taken against him. However, people are requesting to convict him for his action.
  5. Cleveland Meredith’s family member had already alerted the police department about his action earlier before the Capitol incident. His family was concerned about his behavior and connection to QAnon, as per 11 Alive.
  6. He is still a mysterious person, so there are very few details about his personal life. We’re still unsure about Cleveland Meredith’s relationship with his wife. So, once we get the fact, we’ll update this fact.
  7. Cleaveland Meredith hasn’t revealed much about his age and date of birth. However, he could be in his mid-40s.
  8. An anonymous personality, Meredith’s biography is not even available on any site, including Wikipedia. However, he has found some exclusive details. So, explore this article to read more about him.
  9. Cleveland holds the American nationality, and he possibly is white by ethnicity, as per the wiki.
  10. Professionally, he has a car wash business, which is registered under his name. He reportedly is also linked to a few other business dealings and traffic violations.