Who Is Crendor From Twitch? Everything To Know About

Crendor is a famous Twitch Streamer and YouTuber who mostly creates content surrounding different video games and commentaries on a wide variety of topics. He began his channel in 2009.

He slowly started garnering an audience after people enjoyed his quality gameplay and liked the way he presented himself with confidence and great humor. He has built a massive community that supports him a lot.

To help you know more about the streamer, gamer, and self-proclaimed comedian, here are 10 facts about Crendor:

Quick Facts: Who Is Crendor From Twitch? Everything To Know About

Name Crendor
Birthday July 19, 1989
Age 31
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch star
Married/Single Married
Wife Haley Duncan
Instagram @crendorwastaken
Twitter @crendor
Youtube wowcrendor

10 Facts about Crendor

  1. Crendor was born on July 19, 1989, in Illinois, US, and is currently 31 years of age and only a few months away from celebrating his 32nd birthday.
  2. He is known all over the internet as Crendor however, Crendor is not his real but is an alias. His real name is Eric Hraab.
  3. Crendor is a fairly known internet personality but he has not been able to get a Wikipedia page dedicated to him, yet.
  4. He is a Twitch affiliate who has over 161k followers and a total of 1122 subscribers. He is expected to earn over $4,488 from subscriptions alone.
  5. Over on YouTube, he has over 506k subscribers with over 213 Million views in total and is also a verified channel.
  6. According to Social Blade, Crendor is estimated to make over $70k a month from YouTube alone. However, his salary or net worth is not known as of now.
  7. He is currently married to Haley Duncan who uses the alias Toaster Woman online.
  8. Crendon mostly streams games like World of Warcraft and also commentates on most of the mainstream topics.
  9. He has a verified account on Twitter with over 143k followers. However, his Instagram which has over 20k followers is not verified.
  10. Crendon has his own merch which is available at crensloth.