Who Is David Minchin? Wikipedia Details To Know

David Minchin is the husband of Louise Minchin, a British journalist and news presenter who currently works freelance within the BBC.

No, he is not listed on Wikipedia as of now, while he does have his name on the profile of his wife Louise. 

David is alsowell-known as a restauranteur and investor. He has invested in several restaurants and pubs including Chestnut Inns, an East Anglian chain of pubs, inns, and restaurants.

He also serves as the group’s Finance Director. David was the CEO of Scandi Vanadium in Skane County, Sweden, from September 2018 to November 2020.

Since November 2020, he has been working as the chief executive officer of Helium One Ltd.

The couple married on June 6, 1998. They are nearing the end of their silver jubilee year.

David Minchin Instagram account was private, however, we can see his picture on his wife, Lousine’s Instagram post. 

David Minchin Age: How Old Is Louise Minchin Husband?

David Minchin seems to be between the age of 58-59 years old as per the details available on him.

In a recent interview, Louise mentioned that her husband is five years older than him, making him 58 years old as of 2021. Louise born on 8 September 1968 is 53 years old as of 2021. However, the exact date of birth of the businessman is not disclosed as of now.

The couple lives happily together with their two daughters, Scarlett Minchin and Mia Minchin, in the village of Cheshire.

They also have a pet dog, named, Ruby. The couple has managed to keep their daughters away from the social media circus. 

According to her interview with UK news, she was obsessed with David when she was just 13 years old, as he used to play guitar and owned a surfboard. 

Then when she finds out that the guy was her friend’s brother at the age of 28, they started dating and finally marry after a few months. 

David Munchin’s Net Worth As A Businessman

According to the latest in Bollywood, David’s estimated net worth is around $7million.

His primary source of income comes from being a businessman. Because the businessman kept his personal information hidden from the public media, we were unable to reveal his source of income and salary.

In addition, her wife further boosts up the net worth of the family as a whole. According to Wiki. ng, she is paid a salary of between £215,000 and £219,999 per year.

The couple is living a very comfortable and lavish life away from the city chaos.