Who Is Demps’ Baby Daddy, Zach Frederick? Let’s Investigate

Demps is a famous TikTok star for creating videos related to relationship advice.

She also posts reaction videos and keeps up with current trends on the platform. She has a huge fan base of over 1.6 million followers on her official TikTok account, d_demps93, and her content has managed to gather a whopping 92.3 million likes.

Who Is Demps’ Baby Daddy, Zach Frederick?

Famous Tiktok star Demps’ Babby Daddy is Zach Frederick.

She has long left her baby daddy and has been distant. She said that he left her when her baby girl Lilly was born. He is believed to have bailed out on them and Demps is raising the baby all on her own.

She received help from her mother and brother in order to raise the baby. She has posted several pictures of herself and her daughter on her Instagram account. Her comment section bombards her with happy messages where her fans frequently mention that Lily could be a model.

However, other internet users claim that Lilly and her father have only communicated on Demps’ conditions. Her ex-boyfriend does claim that Demps has not permitted Lily to visit him, as he responded on Instagram.

Demps does, in general, appear to express her difficulty and challenges in her Tiktok as a result of her boyfriend walking away from her. After giving birth to Lilly, she does seem to have a healthy relationship with her mother.

Demps baby daddy is very famous on social media handles like Instagram and Twitter. Furthermore, there are multiple discussion posts on Reddit about the same issue.

A similar discussion suggests that Katie would not allow Lily to see her dad or meet her brother. There was also live footage of her on ‘kyouknowitsme’ some months ago where she mentioned that her ex-boyfriend just did not want to be with her.

Reddit users on that particular discussion did seem to agree with Katie on not letting baby daddy meet her daughter. One user said that they would not have let their kids around someone who was unfaithful to them in the past and would probably hurt the kids to get back at their mothers.

Most of the comments mentioned that the ex-boyfriend might be abusive, however, these are just their own assumptions.

Who Is Demps Tiktok Aka Katie Dempsey?

Demps is a Tiktoker who also goes by the name Katie Dempsey.

She creates amusing TikTok videos. Her videos are regarded as being genuine, and she is outspoken about her identity. She appears to be unafraid to express who she is and how she feels.

Together with her daughter and her twin brother, she creates TikTok. They appear to have a close bond with one another. Additionally, she has a history of dating and is a very articulate and open-minded person.

She acknowledged in a podcast that, as a teenager, she was a carefree and bad girl. Similarly to this, after moving to Nashville, Katie had the chance to meet her boyfriend in high school.

Parents and single moms alike look up to her because they are relieved that she was able to change her life despite being a single parent. Some people dislike the influencer, though, and think her tale is false.

Her Tiktok following also appears to have grown as a result of her ex-boyfriend walking out and her being a single mother. However, internet users have learned that despite her ex’s repeated attempts to get in touch with the Tiktoker, she rejected his help.

The Reddit members claim to have found her ex-new boyfriend’s wife on Facebook. As a result, he has a wonderful marriage and a wonderful life with his new family.

She has over 145k followers on her Instagram account where she posts about her personal and professional life. Her bio states that she is a video creator and fabulous at baseline. She is very close with her mother, daughter, and brother who can be frequently seen on her Instagram as well as her TikTok videos.