Who Is Dillon Jordan? Film Producer Arrested On Charge Of Running Prostitution Ring

Producer Dillon Jordan is arrested for running up a prostitution ring in the name of his production. Who is the producer’s wife? 

Dillon Jordan is a film producer in movies and series.

He is a producer at the Lake Arrowhead and is now in custody.

He has produced some movies and was in the beginning phase of his career as a producer.

Jordan had also established the PaperChase films in 2013.

He has produced a few good films like “The Kid,” featuring Ethan Hawke, and “The Kindergarten Teacher,” which won an honor at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

Producer Dillon Jordan Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Dillon Jordan’s marital status is still in question as of now.

He never talked about his wife in the media, and since his racket got exposed, he might be willingly ignoring these questions.

Further, details about his library are not yet found, and his dating and social life are also hidden.

But we might soon get an update on this, as his case is now a very high-profile one.

Dillon Jordan Age: How Old Is He?

According to the different news portals, Dillon Jordan’s age is 49 years old.

He is into his old age now, but he now seems to have a hard time due to his case.

Details about Dillon’s date of birth are not yet updated, and it is still yet to be discovered.

Dillon Jordan Net Worth And Wikipedia

From running an international prostitution ring to making movies, Dillion Jordan has done many things that require a lot of money.

So we knew that Dillion might be a millionaire with these companies. His net worth could be a big question in the industry, as he has also earned through bad deeds.

So his exact net worth will only be known if the police or the judge reveals it; until then, we might have to wait for the reveal.

He has his IMDb page mentioning his news of an arrest.

His company PaperChase Films has produced several different movies, 9 to be exact numbers.

Some of his most famous movies are Skin, Heavy, Hell to Pay, and Superman vs. The KKK.

The IMDb has a detailed review of all his movies and series.

Why Is Dillon Jordan Arrested?

Dillon Jordan is arrested on charges that he used his production company, PaperChase Films, as a front for an international prostitution ring.

According to the nypost, he was arrested on Thursday on the 15th of July 2021 and is due to appear in court the next day.

Police and government prosecution have said that he hid illegal business for years using the moviemaking company. But now, as he is caught, if proven guilty, he might serve almost 20 years in prison.

The producer is said to have coordinated with a UK-based madam, and he was sharing customers and prostitutes, according to the indictment states.

Yet, his attorney is not answering the media’s calls and might only appear before the court.