Who Is Eli Crumbley? Ethan Crumbley Brother

Eli Crumbley is the half-brother of Ethan Crumbley. 

Ethan is the teenager who was involved in the Oxford High School shooting.

They were born to the same father but a different mother.  Further, Eli describes his brother Ethan as a smart boy who looks like an average kid. 

Eli Crumbley Age

Eli Crumbely’s age is 18 years old as of 2021. 

He was born in 2003. However, his exact birthdate is yet to be disclosed. Additionally, he is the older brother of Ethan who is currently 15 years old. 

Further, Eli and Ethen were born and bred in Florida prior to moving to Michigan with their parents. Ethen was living with his parents in a modest home in Oxford, Michigan where he reportedly opened fire on students at Oxford High School on November 30, 2021. 

Eli Crumbely Instagram

Eli Crumbely does not seem to be active on Instagram. 

It is speculated that he might have deleted his account after the incident. 

Eli Crumbely Mother Name

Eli Crumbley’s biological mother’s name is to be revealed. 

Eli and Ethan shared the same father, James Crumbley. However, their mothers are different. His half-brother, Ethan was born to his mother, Jennifer, James’s second wife. 

Eli apparently alluded to some troubles with his stepmother Jennifer which led him to return to Florida in March to be with his birth mother. However, her name has not yet been revealed.