Who Is Fatinah Hossain Sussex? Horsham Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity With Student

Fatinah Hossain from Sussex was recently arrested. Learn about the Horsham teacher who was involved in inappropriate activity with a student.

Fatinah is serving as a study supervisor at Forest School since May 2019. Furthermore, she is also a baker at Shelley’s Budgens.

According to The Sun, she had set up a fake social media profile to target kids at her school. Moreover, she threatened them not to go to the police.

Who Is Fatinah Hossain Sussex? Everything To Know

Fatinah Hossain hails from West Sussex, England. Thus, we can confirm her nationality as British.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she had completed her Master’s degree in Global Criminology in 2019. Reportedly, she had attended the University of Roehampton.

Also, she has a BSc degree in Psychology & Counseling from the same institution. Moreover, she had received her A-Levels in Psychology from The College of Richard Collyer.

Moving on, she had kicked off he career as a Checkout Assistant at Tesco. She served there from August 2012 to January 2016.

Apart from teaching, Fatinah also works at Darchini Restaurant as their waitress. Most probably, this job of hers is part-time.

Well, she seems to be quite proud of her determination for success. Furthermore, she describes herself as a positive-minded personality who is ready to face new challenges.

Interestingly, her passion is to work in the mental health sector to support children in need. Moreover, she is interested in kicking off her career in the criminal Law sector very soon.

Was Horsham Teacher Fatinah Hossain Arrested? Inappropriate Activity With Student Explained

Horsham teacher Fatinah Hossain has been arrested for an inappropriate incident with a student. She claims that the two were in a relationship.

Reportedly, the boy ended their love life once he found out that she was pregnant. Now, Fatinah has carried out a sordid campaign of manipulation against him and other students.

Well, we are unaware of the pupil’s name for privacy reasons. Although she was arrested in June 2020, she is yet harassing his family and friends to swerve justice.

Moving on, she has already been bailed in 2021. Well, she had made significant threats of harm to the child’s family.

Hossain Charges Revealed

Fatinah Hossain is facing several charges in 2021. On October 21, she had appeared at Brighton Crown Court.

Reportedly, she pleads guilty of perverting the course of justice. Also, she is convicted of sexual activity with a school student.

Moreover, Fatinah had tried to pay off the student asking him to drop the charges. She is 25 years old. On the other hand, the pupil is just 14.