Who Is Frank Field Wife? Everything To Know About The British Politician

British politician Frank Field has not revealed much about his wife or partner as of now. But in the following article, we have revealed some details about his wife or partner, as well as facts about his net worth details and more.

Frank Ernest Field who is also popularly known as Frank Field is a British politician.

In addition, he previously served as the Member of Parliament for Birkenhead from the year 1979 to 2019 and first as a Labour MP until becoming an Independent in August 2018.

Moreover, he founded the Birkenhead Social Justice Party in 2019 and ran as its single candidate in the 2019 election, which he lost.

Frank Field declared on October 22, 2021, that he was terminally sick and had spent time in a hospice.

Frank Field Wife Or Partner: Is He Gay?

As of now, Frank Field hasn’t mentioned anything about his wife or partner.

Various internet media outlets have speculated that he is gay. In fact, he has never married, according to the Guardian.

Furthermore, he has made no mention of his previous partnerships or divorces as of yet.

According to a study conducted by ViqFaq, the majority of people believe he is gay. Despite the fact that he has never revealed anything about his sexuality, he has spent more than 20 years advocating for homosexual rights and liberal laws.

Frank Field Net Worth Details Explored

Given his 40 years in the field of politics, Frank Field’s net worth might be in the millions, if not more.

We also discovered that throughout his term as a member of parliament in the British House of Commons, he may have received a salary of roughly 81,932 pounds.

Frank’s annual basic pay, when translated to US currency, was $ 112,786.36.

Frank Field Age

As of 2021, Frank Field, Baron Field of Birkenhead DL  is a 79-year-old.

The politician’s full date of birth is July 16, 1942, according to his official Wikipedia page.

He was born in Edmonton, Middlesex, and is the second of three sons. His father worked as a manufacturing worker for the Morgan Crucible Company in Battersea, while his mother worked as a teaching assistant.

His parents were Conservatives who believed in “character” and “lifting oneself up by the bootstraps.”

Field attended St Clement Danes School and Hammersmith College before going to the University of Hull to study economics.