Who Is Fred Couples Daughter? Explore More About His family

American professional golfer Fred Couples is not reported to have any biological kids. However, he is said to have two stepchildren named Gigi and Oliver from his second wife.

Fred is competing for Augusta National Golf Course from seven to ten April 2022. The tournament has a total purse of even a million and five hundred thousand dollars. The five-foot and even inch tall golfer is a resident of Newport Beach, California.

Who Is Fred Couples’ Daughter?

Fred Couples does not have any biological child. Though he married three ladies, he could not become a father.

His second wife, Thais Baker, had a daughter named Gigi and a son named Oliver from her previous marriage. According to ESPN, they probably have now turned thirty-one and twenty-nine years. 

His first marriage was to college fellow Deborah. The former couple met when they were at the University of Houston. They divorced in 1993, after eleven years of marriage.

Deborah had some serious mental issues and took her life in May 2001 by jumping through a seven-storeyed building. Fred married his second wife, Thais Baker, in 1998. Sadly, Baker demised in 2009 due to breast cancer. Gigi and Oliver probably struggled in their life after the sudden demise of their mother.

Fred did not have any children through his initial two marriages, and the latest marriage does not have any news either. The golfer probably had wanted to become a father, but destiny couldn’t favor him.

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Fred Couples Family Details

Fred was born in Seattle to his father, Tom Couples, and his mother, Violet Couples. His grandparents were immigrants from Italy. His father was of Italian descent, whereas his mother with Croatian descent.

Fred’s procreator, Tom, was a groundskeeper for the Seattle Parks Department and the family. With his brother Tom Jr., sister Cindy, and his parents, Fred used to reside in a simple house in Beacon Hill, where he acquired his golf techniques.

The Couples family supported Fred in inaugurating his career in golf, where he had never hired a swing coach and was self-taught.

The buzz of his relationship with Suzanne Hannemann had been circulating in the media for a long time. By breaking the silence, Fred, for the third time, married his long-time girlfriend on February 22, 2022, in front of family and friends. 

How Much Is Fred Couples’ Net Worth?

Deemples has enlisted Fred among the top ten richest golfers of the time. According to the site, he stands in the seventh position with fifty million dollars. His PGA Tour profile sums up his career earnings to be thirty-five million, two hundred and twenty-seven thousand and eighty-five dollars.

The sixty-two-year golfer has played for PGA Tour and the PGA Tour Championship. He has previously been the world’s number one golfer and has won sixty-four professional tournaments.

Debuting his professional career in 1980, Fred was drafted to the Hall of Fame in 2013.

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