Who Is Garand Thumb? Explore His Military Background

Who is Garand Thumb? Garand is a U.S. Air Force veteran. Let’s explore more about his wife and military background. Garand Thumb whose real name is Mike Jones is a military guy who is widely known for his YouTube channel. In his YouTube channel, Mike posts videos related to military combat and firearms.

Garand Thumb Net Worth

Garand Thumb has an estimated net worth of about $1.62 million as per the source. He is one of the most popular influencers in the United States. He is active on Instagram and currently has 469k followers. Garand Thumb goes with the username @garand_thumb on Instagram.

How Does Garand Thumb’s Military Background Look Like?

Is Garand Thumb in the military? Although being an active duty military guy, there is not much about his military background. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran. He is a distinguished rifleman #2451 and an NRA high master. NRA stands for National Rifle Association of America. The organization also publishes several magazines and sponsors competitive marksmanship events. He has earned the title of Distinguished Rifleman in June of 2019. He also holds an NRA classification of High Master for XTC Service Rifle. Besides that, he was also interested in CMP Games Matches since 2011. He is currently a Youtuber too. With the YouTube channel named Garand Thumb, he has a massive fanbase on his channel. He currently has 1.22 million YouTube subscribers. Garand started his YouTube channel on May 10, 2006. He reviews guns and gears, military culture, etc. in informative and humorous ways. Watch the videos ff Garad Thumb on YouTube.

Garand Thumb Wife – Are They Divorced?

There is no detail on Garand Thumb’s wife or if they are divorced. Regarding Garand’s biography, there is are not many personal details on the internet. But he does mention that his dad is Travis Haley.

Who Is Garand Thumb?

Garand Thumb is the name of a YouTube channel owned by a guy named Mike Jones. Mike is widely known by the name Garand rather than his real name. If you are thinking that you have heard this term somewhere, you are correct. Garand Thumb actually has a literal meaning. It is a painful ailment caused by a Garand’s bolt smashing into one’s thumb.  It is also known as the M1 Thumb.